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SNK Neo Geo CD - anybody know where the download for the full set for this type of 3D Box art is?


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As so often, i've seen 2 different types of 3D Box art for this System and LaunchBox of course scrapes half of each.  

In the LaunchBox DB there are a few of this other set, those look perfect to me, i just can't find the full set download anywhere, it is not on EmuMovies, not in the LaunchBox or HyperSpin download sections either, i googled, i BINGed nothing... 
if anybody knows where these come from please do tell, thanks.  



EmuMovies has this set ( https://emumovies.com/files/file/2611-neo-geo-cd-3d-boxes-pack/ ), but its not very good, there is lots of transparent space around the artwork which makes the Boxes look TINY in LaunchBox.  
( it is also missing the JAP language only games, no biggie, just saying it could be more complete )  
( my MS Paint skills do not include editing png pictures with transparent backgrounds, or i'd crop them myself ? )  



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I don't know if a full set exists. The LBox Database submitter may see your post and respond.

As regards the LBox 3D boxes sized 601x445 with unwanted horizontal transparent areas.
What I did was use PaintDotNet to layer import, move, crop and object align each 601x445 3D box inside of a transparent png of 380x440.
The finished 380x440 images were saved and overwrote the existing LBox 601x445 ones. See image.



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I looked up how to crop transparent PNG and ended up using Paint 3D for it (because already installed),
i left 2 pixels of transparent pixels on each side, that ended up being 361x416 pixels (plus minus one here or there).  



good enough for me but if the other pics still show up, that'd be nice.  

But man, this system was a bi**h to setup, i had to fiddle with half of the pictures, all of the .cue+.bin files i had to rebuild one by one so the emulator understands them, and the LBDB didn't have half the names in a format that matched the Redump filenames, i added all of those to the DB... i practically had to touch everything on this one. I'm just glad the system doesn't have like 500 games, 91 was still manageable in a day.

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