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  1. Where can i download a bezel pack for Hypseus? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi @Warped Polygon! While playing with a xbox one controller using left analog stick, its pretty easy to press left stick button, so game enters in "test mode" and when you press it again to exit "test mode" it starts the game again. Not sure if is this a right behaviour or not, but i would like to know if is there any chance to remove this assignment or at least change it to right stick button instead. Thanks in advance.
    Huge quality sets as we are used to seeing from you! Thanks you very much!
    Huge quality sets as we are used to seeing from you! Thanks you very much!
  3. Which handheld is missing? I'm a bit busy right now, but maybe in the future...
    Wow! Huge work behind this files! Thank you so much for your effort!
    Wow! Incredible aportation to LB, and great job as with all other released plugins. As this plugin seems to be done to use RocketLauncher Bezels, i would keep name structure inside file.ini, so no need to modify inside all .ini files. Only the filename name. The other wish, would be to be able to have more than one Bezel for each Platform, Game, etc. and be able to change it with a key combo for example (As RL does). I think this would be very hard to code, but if you are bored anytime....
  4. Rom sharing is forbidden in this forum, but a fast google search of the game name + version will give you what you want.
  5. I followed this tutorial and Snakes runs fine with the rom i have.
  6. I attach HyperScan Clear Logo with better quality than the one here. Hope is useful.
    Thank you very much for this great set. Great Job! I attach this two missing boxes. Feel free to add to your set if you feel are good enough (I used one of your box as template). Sorry, i realized i left Chrono Trigger Logo on the right side of the boxes from the used template, so i upload again the fixed ones.
  7. Some computer playlists (About 100): Computer Playlists.zip
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