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  1. No solution yet? This is a big problem, because after import, you don't even know which games weren't imported.
  2. You’re the boss! Really good quality as always! Thank you very much!
  3. Hi @seaview59 ! I come again to see if is possible to "extract" this missing Game Boy Color Clear logos: Pumuckls Abenteuer bei den Piraten (Germany) Pumuckls Abenteuer im Geisterschloss (Germany) Three Lions (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Sv) (GB Compatible) Wendy - Der Traum von Arizona (Germany) I guess both Pumuckls Abenteuer can share logo? Thanks in advance!
  4. Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack View File Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack Submitter ci2own Submitted 07/16/2021 Category Game Cart Images  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Epoch Game Pocket Computer 3D Carts Pack
  6. Super Nintendo - Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992 Media Pack. View File Super Nintendo - Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992 Media Pack. Submitter ci2own Submitted 07/09/2021 Category Game Media Packs  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Super Nintendo - Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992 Media Pack.
  8. Hi! @seaview59 I guess there's no Super Nintendo Campus Challenge 1992 Clear Logo, so i created one. Can you add to the LB database so everyone can use it in case they need? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all! I created an excel sheet to self help me sorting have/missing games for each platform. But i think also can help other people with its build, so i'm gonna share it. This post do not pretend to be a colaborative one, but if is there any bad info detected, just tell me and i will check and modify if necessary. This sheet also have an utility using the row "FORMULA", which can be used to copy games from romsets to another folder. The use is as simple as creating a .bat file with the files inside and a @pause at the end. Just an example: mkdir _GX40
  10. I downloaded every rom (except 1) from the SNES wikipedia page with a total of 784 Games (719 USA, 62 Europe and 3 of the 4 championship cartridges). Imported all to LB, but don't know the reason only imports 780 of the 784 even checking "Import Duplicates" option. This are the not imported games: - International Superstar Soccer (USA).zip - Rex Ronan - Experimental Surgeon (USA) (En,Es).zip - Uniracers (USA).zip - WWF Super WrestleMania (USA).zip Is there any reason?
  11. I don't remember to restart the computer while LaunchBox was Running, but i did what you said and it fixed the problem. Thank you very much!
  12. After rebooting the PC, LaunchBox and either BigBox won't start. I tried to reinstall with latest update, but didn't fixed the problem: After "Populating parents" the loading window dissapears and nothing else happens. I'm using LaunchBox v11.11 Can someone point me to the right direction to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  13. @Robin55 Great job as always! Is the USA set on the way? (or will it be?)
  14. Really good job! (As always!). Thank you very much!
  15. Hi @seaview59 ! Is it possible to do something with this one? I took this screenshot because i couldn't find any flyer/box image. Maybe could be the "Masterboy" logo + the guy's head? Thanks in advance!
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