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Hello guys, I was hoping somebody can give some guidance solving a video issue. I recently had to move all of my arcade emulators, roms, etc to a new PC. When I load an arcade game in Launchbox (using mame) I get a horizontal “stripe” that goes from bottom to the top of my screen over and over. It starts as soon as the game starts. Display looks perfect all of the rest of the time. I’m wondering if their is a setting I had changed before and I’m just not remembering. Thanks for any advice.

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A picture would help.

Are these lines completely horizontal or diagonal? If artwork is missing in MAME that a layout requests, you can get an effect similar to what you describe.

As a test you can go into your MAME folder -> artwork folder (or where ever you have it set in mame.ini), rename the .zip or folder for the game you are trying. Run that same game again.  

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2 minutes ago, Lerxt2112 said:

Hey Retro,

thanks for the reply. Changing the video setting in Mame didn’t change anything. One thing I’ve noticed that when the game is initially started it gets a little brighter just as the rolling horizontal band starts on the screen.

Are all your drivers up to date? I get that exact thing on one of my cabinets and had to switch the video driver. I am not at home to check what I set it to. 

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