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There is very little information on how to best emulate this system, even though there is a dedicated retroarch core called x1 millennium.

The games I have are from the TOSEC set and consist of .d88, .2d., .tap, and .wav files.

Here is what I've learned:

1. .tap and .wav files don't seem to work, despite being officially supported. I can get to the bios screen but the games won't start.

2. .d88 and .2d files work as long as the games consist only of 1 disk.

3. Games that consist of more than 1 disk don't work, because I cannot figure out how to mount two disks at the same time.

4. I tried using .m3u files (since that worked with Sharp 68K, but the x1 core does not seem to support .m3u files.

5. I've tried launching the system through mame / mess and it works. Mame enables me to launch multiple disks at the same time, but navigating through the mame menu is inconvenient.

6. I wasn't able to launch tap files through mame / mess.


Ideally, I want to be able to use the retroarch core to  load multiple disks at the same time and also use the .tap files, since those make up most of the roms. Has anyone managed to ge this system running?

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I got this to work with Retroarch, for the most part. Using a controller is way easier than playing on the keyboard.


core = x1_libretro.dll

Go here for the bios files, located at the bottom of the page at the "this archive" link. Unzip the package and put the .X1 and .X1t files in the Retroarch>System folder, like usual.


If the game runs fast, press Spacebar to normalize speed.


Like SiriusVI stated, the .tap games don't seem to work, and the system shows that it's looking for an FD file and can't find one.

The .d88 and .2d files do work... and you can find a .2d version of just about every game.

I also had no problem with two-disk games... I just set Launchbox to load Disk 1 and it loaded like normal.



*Side Note: You can also try using another emulator... called "eX1" that can be found within the Neo Kobe Emulator Pack. This is supposedly the most accurate emulator with current updates.

Put the bios files in the "binary" folder along with all of the applications.

When running 2-disk games, after launching the first disk through LB... which sits in the FD0 tray.... you can then insert Disk 2 into the FD1 tray... and it should run from there.

Couldn't get controller support, though... or .tap games, either.


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I am using the xmillenium - Xmil106CT T-Tune which practically plays .Tap files without any other requirements as long as the bios files are in the same folder as the emulator . now i just need a genius out there who can show me how to create a command line to launch Xmil, load the tap file and run from launchbox.  At the moment i have to do manually , open the emu, select CMT and then OPEN and then locating the rom i want to play. 

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14 hours ago, cleverest said:

Any progress on this emulator/playing process? Just wondering...

Mame works pretty well with X1. Cassette tapes as well:

I'm using two instances of Mame (not Retroarch) on Launchbox, one for cassette tapes and the other with the rest without any specific (autoboot) command line.

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