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MAME artwork for vertical screen LAY files


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Good Day,

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but have to start somewhere... Looked at 50 different ways to do this and there is no good answer I can find.

I'm building a vertical orientated cabinet to replace one I built 20 years ago. Using the default vertical theme for big box, which works OK. Right now, just going to use MAME.

Question is using LAY files with MAME to set up a default config for horizontal and vertical games. I've seen some game specific out there and tried to reconfigure them, but end up with garbage on the screen most of the time. I just want to have the screen and marquee when the game is running, no extra bezels or artwork. Is there a simple one size fits all for this with the default "vertical and horizont" LAY files? Also, do you have to have a LAY file for EACH game or can the LAY file pull the marquee out of the folder based on the rom name or artwork folder name to just have the two LAY files?

Thanks for any help or sending me in the right direction,




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MAME does not support marquees itself. LB/BB will look in LB -> Images -> Arcade -> Arcade - Marquee for game specific marquees to display.

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking about the default layouts, but most games use a 3:4 ratio vertical screen, so if you set up a default layout in MAME -> artwork -> vertical, it should display that by default for all vertical games.

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I'm looking to do the below but without all the extra bezel graphics. These are setup with a LAY file and the bezel is handmade per game. I'm looking for a way to automate just the screen and bezel for both horizontal and vertical layouts. Preferably just two default files that can pull the marquee by the rom name in the file itself. I can get vertical games working with an  per game LAY file but the horizontal games aren't working right. I know the BOUNDS need to be set in the file, but not really sure how they work. I've tried the Mr. Do. creator and it doesn't do what I need either. 


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Still a little confused, so I'll ask a few questions.

1) Is that picture a screen and a marquee screen, or just 1 vertical orientation screen?

2) If 1 screen, you are hoping to pull the marquee and place at top of screen, but also remove the other bezel elements?

MAME doesn't allow variable passing in layout files, so you would have to have per game layout files, or use a small script to create the layout file before launching. 


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I am trying to set up the Bigbox and Mame to work together.  So my issue is that when I set up Mame to use vertical screen the big box with Vertigo is not vertical it is horizontal and vice-a-versa.  How do you make both work in a Vertical way.  I can not see any way in bigbox to flip the screen.  And I am finding nothing on the net.  

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A few years ago I did a handful of vertical orientation bezels for people that rotate their monitor, but I made them for RocketLauncher.  That's another option, though, if you want to look into it.  They are a bit easier to make since you don't have to make the lay file.  You have to set up Rocketlauncher as an emulator though, which is one of the most painful setups in emulation, IMO.

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