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MAME and the evil controller config


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This is one thing I don't understand. Every time I start MAME, whatever version, the controls are reset to NONE. Even though my default.cfg contains all the mapped entries for controls, when I go to the settings inside MAME, it says NONE. Why does it not take it from the default.cfg? 

Ok, I noticed after starting it again, it puts NONE into the code:

<system name="default">
            <port type="P1_JOYSTICK_UP">
                <newseq type="standard">

And even if I remove the NONE line completely, it adds it straight away again with the next launch.

Tried now again to put the default.cfg to read only, but I remember doing that some time ago, and that also failed due to I don't know what. 

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Is your device dynamic? (Sometimes attached, sometimes not? Or is Windows changing it’s ID)

Once you set up static IDs for Mame devices, I find moving my config changes into a ctlr file fixes the issues with Mame resetting inputs for dynamic devices. It just ignores them if the device isn’t attached and doesn’t change the file.

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Hm? I'm using 2 8BitDo controllers via bluetooth, they are never attached, and I know that Windows likes to change the one which is DInput today to XInput tomorrow and vice versa. 

How can I give it a static ID in Windows? It really seems to mess both of them up all them time. They are also both the same controllers. They are 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ controllers (one is SN edition, the other G edition). Obviously Windows recognizes them as both the same. 

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