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Importing a movie that is split in different parts?


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I'm very well aware that Launchbox is not a movie frontend, But if you have no problems configuring everything yourself it's not bad at all for that purpose.

My problem is that i have a video dvd that is split up in different parts rather than a whole image, I lost the original dvd image years ago due to corruption on an external HDD drive. I have no problem playing it using VLC (right-clicking on the folder or double-clicking on the video_TS file works fine), But i can't figure out how to import it properly??, VLC crashes when trying to launch it from Launchbox.


My movie folder looks like this :




I can't figure out how to merge the parts and keep the dvd menu and chapter selection, I could merge all of it into a mp4 file (but that is not cool). Do i really need some fancy image-burner, Or is there a way i can import it and get it working on Launchbox.


Regards, And thank's for your time.

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I really don't have much experience with video files and how to convert them? I managed to put them back together with videopad into a single iso file, But the menu to select language and chapters was not set up correctly to a functioning menu.


I tried to manually put all of the videoparts in a folder into the game folder in Launchbox, And then importing the Video_TS folder (Which should contain all the information needed), If i double click that file outside of Launcbox it works as intended with the intro and dvd menu selection (Or if i just right-click the folder and launch it with VLC).


Do you know of any program that more or less can automatically put all of these files correctly together??, I'm assuming that making the selection part of the setup is not as straightforward as just merging everything in the correct sequence :)

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