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Troll spamming junk changes


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Someone keeps proposing that the box cover for Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! for Sony Playstation be changed to a thumbnail of the cover for Creature Shock for Philips CD-i.  I'm guessing this person is one of those trolls I've heard about?  If so, can these be tracked?  Do screenshots help, or what exactly do you need?  In case it helps here, providing screenshot.

Clipboard Image.png

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Title changed to reflect that there's no doubt anymore
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Okay, yeah, it's crystal clear some asshole is spamming dumb submissions to be disruptive.  Multiple versions of the cover replacement, as well as recommending deletion or name change.  Example below in case it's helpful for isolating.



Clipboard Image (2).png

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  • Luckspeare changed the title to Troll spamming junk changes

You can contact @Jason Carr and submit him those screenshots - he can ban the trolls and send them back to their caves. Thanks for keeping the metadata a troll-free zone! 👍

Unfortunately and perhaps because of the weather or what's available to eat, these trolls surface time to time to the world of humans. The Internet is a hunting ground for those pathetic cases I'm afraid. We will never get rid of them, but you can report to Jason directly to stop them trying to mess with the database/and fill the moderation queue. I doubt they understand that their actions can be traced in most cases. I do think some of them think this is "funny" activity, hopefully one day they will mature.

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