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How do I install a game from a BIN file? It looks like Launchbox won't recognize or mount it. I think they are primitive ISO images.

Do I need to download an intermediary? I hear "WinCDEmu" is recommended according to https://www.wikihow.com/Open-BIN-Files but I'm very suspicious about downloading 3rd party software. Does anybody know if it can be trusted or at least can recommend software that is safe?

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Tried this specific game and was able to install it. Let me know if these steps work for you:

  1. In LaunchBox select Tools > Install DOS Game
  2. Type in the name of the game a select Next
  3. Select "No, I have the installation files or media for my game"
  4. Select "Inside a CD Image ISO or BIN/CUE files"
  5. Browse to where you have your BIN/CUE files and choose the CUE file, select Next
  6. Use the default game location or choose your own, then select Next
  7. Choose "Yes, automatically mount the CD (recommended)"
  8. Choose "No, do not copy to the destination folder"

That let me mount the game properly and get through the installation steps. Hope that works for you.

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I get the response

"MSCDEX installed.

Drive D is mounted as C:\Users\TBTol\Desktop\Games\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\WarCraft II\WarCraft II - Battle.net Edition (USA) .cue

Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\Users\TBTol\Desktop\Games\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\WarCraft II_Tides of Darkness\

This program cannont be run in DOS mode.

Press any key to continue"

and then I get the message

"The Installation process did not appear to complete successfully

The MS-DOS installation process did not appear to complete successfully, as no executable files could be found in the destination folder.

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I was able to convert the bin file to a iso using AnyToIso. Thank you guys for your help. I was just wondering if either LaunchBox had the means to run a BIN file, which it looks like it does for DOS games, or if anybody could recommend any third party software that is safe. I see a lot of free antivirus software which I KNOW is dangerous so sometimes I get concerned about free software like that. But AnyToIso seems safe so far.

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