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How can I start GZDoom with brutalv21.pk3 and PSXMUSIC.WAD enabled from within Launchbox?


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Hi everyone,


So, I think the title is straightforward enough, I don't know how to start Doom (which in my case is the sourceport called GZDoom) in Launchbox with the brutal doom mod (and the mod to have the PS1 OST) enabled. Apparently you start it by dragging and dropping the brutalv21.pk3 on the GZDoom executable, and fair enough, it works on my PC, although it's cumbersome to start Brutal Doom this way, but from Launchbox? Nah, I just get a pop up window that asks me if I would like to launch Doom or Doom II, and they're always the base versions (or "vanilla" versions if you will), not brutal doom, even though the brutal doom .pk3 is in the folder where GZDoom .exe is.

I am aware of the shortcutting to the sourceport's executable, right-clicking "properties" and adding the "brutalv21.pk3" target, as explained here


I tried it, but when I click "apply" I'm told the path is not valid.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Try this, go to the GZDoom directory and open the gzdoom-(username).ini

find the Autoload section and add the paths to your mods like below and save


Then load as normal through Launchbox and you should be good to go.

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Could also make a bat file, and add that to launchbox as the game. For example.

..\..\gzdoom.exe ..\..\bd21testnov5.pk3 "..\..\Texture Mods\F4_Textures.pk3" "..\..\HUD Mods\CatsVisorBASE1.6e.pk3" "..\..\HUD Mods\CatsVisorC1.6e.pk3" -iwad ..\..\doom.wad

Thats my bat for launching brutal doom, i take no credit though, this was all @Zombeaver's work, but should give you a idea as to where you should be heading.


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Thanks guys for your replies.  I'm a bit afraid I could mess up my game if I alter the game's .ini file as you said IainSA and I might not be able to make the game work anymore, since I'm kind of a newbie at PC gaming (aside from emulators), so I think I'm gonna try neil9000's bat trick instead, and if I really can't make it work I suppose I'll tackle the first method.

There's some kind of manual with GZDoom where it says at some point the following:


"Open your notepad, and type the following:

@echo off

start zandronum.exe -file brutalv21.pk3

Now go to "Save As.." and save the file as a .bat file instead of a .txt. Put it inside the sourceport folder, and you got an executable to always run the sourceport with Brutal Doom. This method can also be used to run multiple files (such as maps and addons) by using multiple -file commands separated by commas. In this example, you can run Brutal Doom with Doom 2 Reloaded and the Doom Metal Volume 5 mod.

@echo off

start zandronum.exe -file brutalv21.pk3 -file d2reload.wad -file DoomMetalVol5.wad

Always make sure the files are in the same folder, file names are correct, and you are specifying the extension of the files."


Do I really have to type "@echo off"? I don't see it in that .bat file you've got there neil9000.

I suppose since my source port isn't  zandronum but GZDoom I write that instead in my .bat file?

I also suppose I'll have to make a 2nd .bat file to start Doom II in gory mode then?

I also wish it would start with the PSOne music, but the file's extension is .WAD... Is a .bat file case sensitive?

Sooo, my 1st .bat file would have to be as follows then (without the quotes)?

"@echo off

start gzdoom.exe -file brutalv21.pk3 -file DOOM.WAD -file PSXMUSIC.WAD"

and the 2nd (to launch Doom II in gory mode) would be:

"@echo off

start gzdoom.exe -file brutalv21.pk3 -file DOOM2.WAD -file PSXMUSIC.WAD"


The guy who wrote the manual seems to follow this order: source port name->mod name->game (or chapter) name->music name, so I guess I have to follow this order also then? Or can you write the elements in a .bat file in no particular order?

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Hi Lordmonkus, long time no see, he he :)

Thanks for the filling in. Although, as I previously stated, I'm currently tackling the 2nd method, I'll move to the 1st one only if I miserably fail at this. Aaaand, I've already hit a wall. Namely, I don't know what my .bat file should be named. Windows' notepad doesn't even give me the choice to save the document as a .bat, I only get to choose .txt or "all files" or something. Do I just type .bat and it is a .bat?

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Turn on file extensions in windows file manager so you can actually see what your files are and just rename the file from .txt to .bat.

Yeah all I was saying is if you are hesitant to edit an ini file out of fear of breaking it you can easily make a back up to restore to if you do break something.

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O.M.freakin'G! It worked! :D I just got to play Doom with the Brutal Doom and the PSOne music mods right now! I've been dreaming of that ever since, phew, I learned about this BD mod years ago! And even more after buying the classic Doom I&II ports for the PS4, which didn't come with what I suspect was what everybody wanted from Doom being back on the Playstation.

The PC truly is the platform where we can make it happen, all of it! :D 

This is sick, dammit! So righteous! My PC now gives me somewhat of a hiccup here and there, like right before a barrel explodes, which didn't happen before, but who cares. Also for some reason, I still get a popup window asking which one of Doom I or Doom II I'd like to play when I start it, but again, who cares. I think I saw an option to disable that window somewhere in the options menu.

FFS, I'm never gonna stop playing this. Microsoft can keep all the future Doom games for themselves if they want, now.

Thank you very much for your always valuable help, Lordmonkus! You rock!

Now I need to do the same to launch Doom II in the same, err, vein, if I may say so...



PS: I changed the name of the .bat file, in the end. Now it's "Ho-ho-ho-now-I-have-a-machine-gun-yippee-ki-yay-motherf*cker.bat" (without the star)

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