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Apple IIGS Help Needed


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@WallyYou are pretty much limited to a few options most of which have limited to no development in +3 years or more:

  • ActiveGS (more focused toward execution in browser).  Did see it had updated in 2020.  
  • Most of these are based in some form or fashion on KEGS (2006 last update).  

I have run/setup most but don't use them in LB but MAME for IIGS. One of the few MAME software/computer emulators use versus standalone.  The IIGS emulator in MAME actually had relatively active updates/development.  I would also say that the above standalone are not that much easier to get running than MAME IIGS emulation at this point. 

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On 2/13/2022 at 2:08 AM, Wally said:

Has anyone had any success using a standalone emulator for Apple II GS? I pretty much dislike the way MAME does the computers emulation (the MESS part) and I am trying to avoid it where doable.

What exactly do you mean by" the way it does computer emulation"? The interface?

Like sundoak I have tried all those options and frankly they just don't work nearly as well as MAME to me. To each his/her own, but the standalone options have there own setup issues as well.

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