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Weird issue with TeknoParrot and Marquee's


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I setup TeknoParrot and imported my first game (Rambo). I'm using BigBox and have an LCD monitor for the marquee. Everything launches fine and plays well with the game itself. The issue is when the game starts up, my marquee gets pushed to the right about halfway on the screen with the left half of the screen being black - it's not covering the marquee with black, the marquee physically gets pushed to the right. Once I exit the game and it goes back to the BigBox interface, the marquee moves back to the left to its proper position. Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to prevent it from happening?

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14 minutes ago, twobucks said:

how do you have your monitors setup in windows?  If you have your primary monitor positioned to the left of the secondary monitor under display properties try moving it to the right.  I had this same problem with my marquee screen and this ended up fixing it for me.

If I move the primary monitor to the right then my marquee doesn't work at all. It was a while ago when I setup BigBox. Do I have to change some setting if I move the primary monitor to the right of the marquee monitor?

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If you don't change the monitor number I don't believe anything will change in bigbox.  try clicking on the monitor in the windows display properties and just drag it to the right of the marquee screen. Make sure sure the alignment stays the same.

I believe they just added a new feature in launchbox 12.7 for custom cut marquee screens if that is what you have.

If it does not work then just drag it back.

I my case i am using an ultrawide monitor for my marquee monitor so positioning of the marquee monitor has never been an issue.

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check out this old post.  Look about 3/4 down the page where hifihedgehog suggest changing the DPI scaling and refresh rate. This might help getting your marquee screen to display images with the primary monitor moved to the right side in the windows display properties.

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The only thing that is happening with my 2nd monitor (set to same resolution as 1st monitor) is the game screen is encroaching a little into the 2nd monitor.  Not as much as the BATMAN example above.  But you can still see it.  After I exit the game it goes back to normal.  Not sure what would happen with a different resolution 2nd monitor.  But definitely an issue with this emulator.


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On 12/22/2023 at 12:53 PM, Boomerps2 said:

Same issue for me as well. Heck sometimes I will exit the game and the launchbox magically on the marquee display. You have to Windows Key + Shift + Arrow left or right to fix it.

The ThirdScreen plugin has a fix for your marquee shifting when opening certain games. If you want to try it out just search for "ThirdScreen".

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