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  1. The only reason I use it is for Naomi 2 and the Demul emulator. RL allows customized controls per game w/ Demul which is a must until the Flycast core in RetroArch is compatible with Naomi 2.
  2. ....or you can just go with the Ipac Ultimate which has the LED controller built in which is very convenient
  3. Is it possible to disable scanlines in the platform menus?
  4. Love this theme for my bartop except if forces everybody that uses this to use the Nostalgia video set. If you have any other videos you want to use you can't because the videos are not centered and play behind the selection wheel. Thats a shame. Need a centered version of this theme.
  5. Unfortunately, BigBox as of right now does NOT support this. I was notified by Jason Carr that this has not been implemented and will be in the next poll. I for one have built two arcades with LCD marquees for active marquee playback. I will switch both these arcade cabinets back to Hyperspin to utilize Hyper Marquee and keep LaunchBox on my pedestal.
  6. So I see the active marquee side of things is really stating to catch on with products like Pixelcade and the long running Hyper Marquee for Hyperspin. People are buying Virtolight LCD's and implementing them into there cabinets/bartops. Now if anybody has seen these active marquees with animations know how awesome it is. Seeing the Mortal Kombat XL marquee with the active torches in the background flickering was jaw dropping. Question: Does LaunchBox/BigBox have any plans on integrating anything like Hyper Marquee to cater to this growing market? I understand that BigBox has marquee support for static images of which I'm using myself. These new active marquees is an entirely new animal. Even support for MP4 playback for marquees would work.
  7. I have asked about this before and never got a response. I as well miss that from Hyperspin along with adding sound bites for entering a system and exiting a system. When going into the SNES menu you hear mario collection a coin and exiting the SNES menu you hear mario losing a life. It's the little things.
  8. So how do you get these to work in BigBox? Does BigBox support video playback for marquees?
  9. Awesome video. Used this on my DKC collection set. Thank you.
  10. So as of right now, there is no support for video marquees on LaunchBox to use these videos, correct?
  11. Can somebody explain how to get these to work?
  12. I have one issue. This CPS3 theme is using the "CPS2-logo.png" at the bottom of the wheel. How can I get it to use the correct CPS3-logo.png?
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