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  1. H:\LaunchBox....Only when opening BigBox from LaunchBox. Doesn't happen when directly opening BigBox. Permission errors in LBThemes/views folder. All the xaml files have somehow went to read only.
  2. Yep running into permission errors. Can't seem to fix it. Installing to root directory of external drive but still has permission errors.
  3. Beta-19 installed fine and seems to be working. Did you make any changes?
  4. Files in the "CefSharp" folder can't be overridden. CefSharp folder, files in the x86 & x64 folders. Option to ignore in not recommended but did it anyway on the second try and errors out on every file in that folder.
  5. Tried reinstall couple times after reboot. Error overwriting files in third party folder. I did fresh install then did a data backup restore and seems to be working.
  6. Don't know if this happened to anybody else, but couldn't overwrite files in "Third Party" folder. Quit install and now Launchbox won't open at all. Reinstalled fresh copy of 11.3 then copy/paste new files in my original install directory. Platforms are still there but all installed emulator information has been lost. Says no installed emulators or rocketlauncher. All is blank.
  7. Which version did you update? I was wanting version 2 updated so I can use all the clear logo's available rather than the custom logos you must use in version 3. I can't tell because the images folder is empty in this new one and cant figure which file structure it uses.
  8. Perfect, I'll throw it in when I get home. I've been waiting for this and thank you sir for the expedient support.
  9. This will be perfect as this will open up are choices by being able to use just about all videos available.
  10. No, the videos no matter the resolution is playing behind the panel. This view was meant for the nostalgia video set where everything is played on the right of the screen
  11. This is my favorite view on this theme and was wondering is it possible to have the videos be centered in the video viewing area. There is a chunk of video playing behind the platform selection panel that way we aren't stuck with just the nostalgia video theme?
  12. I requested a couple years back an option I enjoyed in Hyperspin with custom mp3 sound bytes when entering and exiting your selected platform. So I figured out a way to at least get custom sound bytes for the "Loading Start" & "Loading Complete" mp3's from within RocketLaunchers _Default files in the Fade folder. This can also be done on a per game basis as you can see I switched it up with Mario 64. This is just an FYI if this interest anybody: N64.mp4 Sega Genesis.mp4 Mario 64.mp4
  13. So adding a second 16x9 monitor to your LaunchBox setup is easier than adding a marquee LCD monitor plus you can pickup a 1920x1080 monitor used at Good Will for $20. Setting up marquees on a 16x9 monitor leaves much of the screen unused and thought it would be easier to use wallpapers on the second monitor. So I downloaded 1920x1080 wallpapers for my platform marquees and Windows games. Tried throwing title screens in the marquee folder which fills more of the screen. Is there artwork out there that I can download in bulk that is 1920x1080? I will be mounting this secondary monitor of the 65" TV. The seconday monitor is also used for Future Pinball and CEMU emulator for tablet controller view. 20200625_104126.mp4 20200625_101409.mp4 20200625_110338 (1).mp4 20200625_110313.mp4 20200625_105917.mp4
  14. That worked. Thanks for the help guys. I was in a panic and pressed for time getting ready to show a pedestal to a friend looking to take one of these projects on for himself. Frustrating when something updates and throws everything off.
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