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Database update: DSiWare (in Nintendo DS platform)


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Anyone interested about digital only Nintendo DS(i) games: most of the DSiWare game entries have now been added to the database, initially there was just a few dozen of them and now there's a few hundred :)

This is what's on the menu (didn't add applications or "samples" of full games) - some still missing from the database, but please feel free to contribute them - I don't think I'll add anything more myself:

Recommended emulation with Launchbox: Retroarch/MelonDS Core (needs a special setup & boot from DSi Nand/Firmware and some files in Systems dir).
Most games work pretty well, unless requiring the DSi Camera. Note that MelonDS's DSi emulation is a WIP.

344942737_Puffins-LetsFish!(Europe)(EnFrDeEsIt)-220312-123430.png.affd35603a53a499e9dfe244d6c47236.png  1033024161_Puffins-LetsFish!(Europe)(EnFrDeEsIt)-220312-123521.png.48b59093db7358046614f87d87eedc76.png

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