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Where do you download Retroarch previous MAME core?


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Google hasn't helped. Searching on this forum hasn't helped. Retroarch only downloads the MAME core for ancient versions or the latest MAME core. Where do you download previous MAME cores? I specifically need the .241 core. I'd like to use Retroarch for shaders and OrionAngel's bezels.

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3 hours ago, Knowcontrol said:

I completely understand, but I'd really like to use these


You do have some options to lock the installed core to the current version, and backup your current core in the UI, (although thats as easy as copying the core from the core folder elsewhere without the UI option).


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On 5/4/2022 at 4:04 AM, neil9000 said:

You do have some options to lock the installed core to the current version,

Thanks for the suggestion, I had done this in the past with 237 but forgot to unlock/update it to 241 when I acquired that romset.

Does anyone have the 241 core they could send me, please?

I figured it out!! Go to https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable  Choose a Retroarch build from around the time your romset was released, select Windows, x86_64, then download the cores file. Backup or rename your mame_libretro.dll file to mame_libretro.dll.bak (or something like that) and then extract the downloaded core to your cores folder. Open Retroarch, load the Arcade latest and then go to Information > Core Information to find out which core you've downloaded. I was able to get the 0.241 matching my romset - which I then promptly LOCKED. :) I hope this helps anyone in the future!

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