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UI/Theme not loading


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I've uninstalled Launchbox, 3 times now, redownloaded it, redownloaded .NET files, tried installing on a different drive, still get the same out come. The default blue theme is not loading, I've tried Default theme in settings as well with no luck. I have Launchbox on another PC and it works fine so I can't imagine that I'm doing something wrong during setup.  TIA Here's screen shot:



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@JoeViking245 Hmm, not sure I will try that when I get home tonight and see.

@C-Beats When you initially open Launchbox, the default theme is blue, not grey. (For reference since the image doesn't even show full screen, the background is not only grey it has a pattern that is similar to a broken image pattern or something you'd see on the Internet) I even looked at the background colors in the settings and it all looks correct. 


Update: This is what I tried last night after the post. I can load my own background image and it changes the background, when I set settings back to default it's the same as above. I can load in only certain themes, anything titled "Default" in the themes list however won't work. I will post some more comparison screen shots tonight. I even tried "repair" on the themes that had that option and didn't work, but no luck.

Would video help? I could probably make one up and post a private link on youtube. 

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Screenshot should work fine. As of right now without one I'm a bit lost. I WOULD make sure you don't have a service called nahimic running in your services tab of Task Manager though. That service does all sorts of weird crap to the UI.

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5 minutes ago, ComicCaper said:

I can load my own background image and it changes the background, when I set settings back to default it's the same as above.

The image you posted in your OP IS the default look, i too am not sure what you mean by the blue background. You can set Launchbox to use the desktop background, and if you have the default windows wallpaper, that is blue. Also the background colour can change depending on the game selected, and that is a option you can turn on and off in the options, but as for it being blue out of the box, it never has been.

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@C-Beats Ok will check that as well.

@neil9000 See I wondered that after watching a video, and THOUGHT I had an ah ha moment as I use Wallpaper Engine. I quit out of that and changed the background to the typical Windows blue with no luck(it still shows the grey). I also did not do anything different on PC1 vs PC2 when I installed Launchbox and on the first PC it's ok. I *think* I did select "desktop background" as an option with no luck as well, while troubleshooting. It DOES work when I select a game though and updates the background to that, hence me loading in an image and have something that doesn't look totally off. As for it "never being blue" that's understandable(now since you just confirmed something I saw a couple days ago) as the first PC I installed it on has the blue background by default. I was under the impression that it was blue by default, sort of like the old Retroarch theme, but after seeing an installation video and that guy's background replicating what he had on screen it occurred to me that LaunchBox simply "overlays" (for lack of a better term) the Windows background. 

I appreciate all the help, I know my explanations are probably confusing as all get out, but I'll make a video tonight and post it. Much easier to show all the things that work and don't work. 

And knowing me, it's going to be something stupid simple that fixes the issue. 

It just occurred to me that I also use Fences, I will disable that tonight and see if it has an effect.


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Ok, did some more digging, and I found what was happening, so Launchbox doesn't use a colored Windows background to "make" the theme. It has to have wallpaper or an image or whatever. So when it didn't change with wallpaper engine, I thought it was broke, then when I turned wallpaper engine off, I thought it was REALLY broke as I have a blue background underneath wallpaper engine. I installed LB on a third PC with default WIndows wallpaper, and then turned the wallpaper on and off. And viola, LB turns blue (as it uses the wallpaper) and the gray screen above if there is no wallpaper at all, regardless of which ever color you choose for the background. Guess I don't know why the devs would opt for the grey screen above if you have a colored background, I mean if the background is blue and your wallpaper is blue(or any color for that matter), the effect inside LB is almost identical (at least on the wallpaper I use).

In any case thanks for all the help.  

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