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How do you organise your platform/playlist tree?


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I'm in the process of standardising the structure of my Launchbox platform/playlist tree, so that each platform in my collection has the same layout. I'm looking for ideas and wonder how other people are organising theirs.

I think the most logical "view" for the tree is the "Platform Category" view. My top menu then currently looks like this (I'll probably have pinball in there soon also):


Using consoles as an example, I then have them grouped by manufacturer (if the manufacturer made more than one console). I haven't added them all yet, so currently it looks like this:


Then within manufacturer, I have the console name or group. If the console had different names in different regions, and if there were add-ons or other variations, then I group these together. So for Nintendo:


Since the NES had different names in different regions, these are separated out in LB (with the corresponding games) but grouped together. So , as an example, for "NES Related":


The "Nintendo Entertainment System" will have primarily USA/North America games, though also other regions which used that system. Famicom is Japan. Opening up NES for example:


In terms of organisation within a platform, I have "all games" at the top, then favourites and then the primary region, generally "USA & North America" unless the console is from another specific region. I then have any specific collections for that console, for example:


These obviously vary depending on the platform. Then after collections I have the standard Launchbox auto-generated playlist groups "Play Modes" and "Regions". If a platform was the same for every region, then I tend to take the 2 largest regions (generally USA/North America and Japan) and put those in the top level menu of that platform for convenience.

What are other "collectors" doing? :D

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I like not having duplicate games across the whole frontend so my collection is fairly small (about 2900 games), I rather have quality over quantity. I sort just by platforms but use mostly the All games tab. I've setup BigBox to start on All Games, I don't care much about platforms, it's all about the games.

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This is a question that I have done a lot of time.

I find yours organization very interesting. Mine is more classic maybe.

I have divided in this way because of I have to show the right video in BB.

If I cant find an appropriate video is very hard that I put a voice in the tree.

Under computer, console and so on I have all the platform, not grouped like you. With your system I think that you navigate better if you have a lot of voices...and I have.

Under "I preferiti di xevvino" I have put a platform and a genre category in which I put my favourites games!

I miss pinball because I have not understood yet how they works and which one I have to use. But soon or later... ^_^

If you look, handhelds can be under console, web broweser under computer and my favourites undere playlist. Why I have separated? Because I want more voices at start, not too much but I prefer to start with a good set. I dont like to select too much voices to reach a game.

Anyway it is an hard work, it's 3 years now that I am working on it!


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