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Not sure if this is possible but something I was wondering.


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Would it be possible for them to program a version of Launchbox where it could load up an emulator in a window within the frontend itself?
Thinking about this because I was setting up a system at at 203 NES games it was only 17.4MB for the actual games but just the video snaps came to a whopping 1.11GB.

It got me thinking and I compared it, loading the games goes as fast as loading the videos, so would it be possible that, instead of loading video snaps it could instead load the game itself and a savestate to function as the same thing?

The load time would be near identical for the older systems while the size of the save state is trivial compared to the size of videos. Could quite literally configure games to load directly into that demo most of them play if you sit at the title screen too long or even a sequence of buttons to play with the game load.

Would save a buttload of space while providing a better quality result of the video as it would be playing on the emulator itself with the settings you chose. And RAM wise, tested with Mesen-X, it used a whole 10MB more ram for the game than the media player itself did just for the video of the game.

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Nice idea in theory and I have seen it done but in frontends for one specific emulator and game set.

The problem here is that while your test works great for NES games which are small and boot into a title screen and gameplay demo usually it doesn't work so well for something like PS2 games which have longer load times and don't always go into a gameplay demo.

Loading times will vary greatly depending on the emulator and games.

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Thank you, wasn't really thinking about it too much for the PS2 games which are already measured in GB anyways and takes a good deal to load, was thinking of it more like on the older stuff where the video isn't any better than the real thing in terms of loading times and resource usage.

Was checking, Mesen even had the option to save recorded movies on it in an MMO format and recorded a 30 second video on it as a test and took 6k.

But, if its not possible, its not possible.

Just was thinking about it when I was comparing the loading times and size differences to them.

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Also, in future releases, might want to include default support for Mesen or the Mesen-X standalone as it loads very quickly and from what I have read is the NES equivalent of BSnes when it comes to compatibility and can run a full game while taking less than 60MB of Ram and very little processing power when I tried it.

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29 minutes ago, Fugus said:

Also, in future releases, might want to include default support for Mesen or the Mesen-X standalone.

LB does not need default support for these as they work perfectly fine already. Just add them like any other emulator. Many users have had both these running for quite a while now.

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49 minutes ago, Fugus said:

I know, I was meaning from the drop down box for people who don't know the command line options or where to download it from.

I just added it manually with the -fullscreen option.

Doubtful that will get updated anytime soon. It’s been a while since that list has been updated. I believe its purpose is a “basic” starter list not a comprehensive list. Plus neither of those actually need any specific command lines to work. So a user does not need to add any. 

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