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PS2 Roms not loading


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I had this working the other day, but I have moved things around and it fails now.  It looks like Launchbox is adding extra /document/  and other stuff to the path. 

It should be something like

6361-3662/ROMs/SonyPlaystation2/_Top25/romname.chd  but it adds extra stuff, very strange.

My XML looks correct though, why is Lauchbox adding extra stuff?

Anyone know anything about this?  Thanks



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when Jason updated the front end to work with ps2 i still could not get the games to work of lunchbox and i could still get ps2 to work from other front ends.


but yesterday i deleted and reinstalled emu added games in emu then launch box worked fine with ps2 games galaxy s7 tab


getting odin pro tomorrow fingers crossed that works 



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