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I downloaded the "Complete Play Base Edition", because it is a good base for my new Libruary. I started to edit the games (Genres and Series). When I open a game entry in Launchbox, Launchbox freezes on me. I can only close it via the task manager. However, this does not always happen. Sometimes only after a few openings, sometimes I can work on it longer.

Does somebody have an idea how I can solve the problem? Or how I can find out what could be the cause?



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We typically do not troubleshoot pre-built LB set-ups since we have no idea what the creator did in the build and if the user did not set it up fresh then it is a crap shoot as well since you do not know all the ins and outs of how it was set up. ColPipe's discord would be a good resource for his builds. 

Best recommendation from our end is in a different drive or folder download a fresh install of LB from our site. Set that up and then import a selection of games. Test in that build and see if the same thing happens. 

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im having the same trouble,i uninstalled the app but where i installed it on my c drive the launchbox folder was still there
i tried to delete all the folders seperately but just the one folder (LBThemes) will not delete and keeps saying it cant delet as its being used else where,pic uploaded for you to see.
i've reinstalled launbox but still get the freeze on launch.
i've tried everything i can think of,i've ran my antivirus software and cleaned everything up,

please help


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This looks to be related to a bug that was introduced in I believe 13.6. Simply restart your PC and then without launching LaunchBox delete the folder. What is happening is that in that version a font is installed on startup from a folder in that directory and when LaunchBox closes the font isn't getting uninstalled and so it locks the font file which stops you from deleting it.

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