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3D model problem


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Hi there i have just installed the latest version of LB/BB  and also watched ETA prime`s video on you tube where he he said that it is now possible to turn off the 3d model feature so i tried turning it off and it made little difference all my 3d boxes look like they are stretched around a 3d model . I have tried restarting BB and still does not work .can anyone help me on this please as i love the new 3d model feature but  for me i would prefer the 3d models to auto rotate slowly  and not have to use a controller to rotate them. many thanks to all the work that has been put in to making  launchbox the best frontend for emulation.

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Sounds like you may have possibly missed one of the options.

Are you able to confirm what theme you are using, and what view you are using in that theme, and which options you disabled.

Screenshots would help with what you are seeing, it kind of sounds like you may have added 3D Box Images into your Box Front priorities, instead of keeping them in their own priority group.

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24 minutes ago, diamondgeezer said:

Hi there i am using unified redux but to be honest it does not matter which theme i use ( it looks the same on all of them) ised to have it looking great before ( it would show the 3d box and the disc spinning round ) i have not moved any of my artwork into any other folders 

My best guess is you forgot to disable the option under: Game Details > Use 3D Models for Box Images

If that's not the case, you may need to provide the other stuff I asked for.

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Just realized I'm pretty sure it's the theme you are using that's causing it.

You can see the option is called "Use 3D Models for Box Images (Unless Mandated by Theme), well, pretty sure that theme mandates the use of the 3D Model in that location.

You would have to use an older version of that theme, or use a different version of that theme, like the basic Unified theme. You can download older versions of themes under the changelog section of any download.

Also, you have either placed 3D Box Images into your Box - Front image folders, or your added 3D Box Images into your Box - Front image priorities in the options. I don't recommend doing either as this will cause weirdness like you are seeing where a 3D box image is being placed on the 3D model.

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