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RetroAchievement Badges 2.3.4

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About This File

RetroAchievement Badges


What does this plugin do?
Adds “RetroAchievement” Badges to games that support RetroAchievements.
(See complete list of games here: https://retroachievements.org/gameList.php)

Because some people wanted it.


How to install the plugin:

  1. Download RetroAchBadge v2.x.x.zip 
  2. UnBlock the zip file.
    1. Right click the file, select “Properties” and check the box that says ‘Unblock’ [or something along those lines]
    2. Click OK to close the Properties window
  3. Open the zip file
  4. Copy the folder “RetroAchBadge” into your “/LaunchBox/Plugins/” folder
  5. Start LaunchBox
  6. Select Tools
  7. Select RetroAchievements Badge Updater (Internet connection required)  
  8. Click Start Update and Wait for the Updater to complete.  (This may take up to 1 minute.)



How to see the badges:

  1. Start LaunchBox (not necessary if you just completed the Install - steps 1 through 9)
  2. Click BADGES
  3. Select Plugin Badges
  4. 'Check’ Enable Retroachievements



How to add or remove the badge from a game:

  1. Right click the game and select "RetroAchievements Badge" 



How to get updates for new games added to RetroAchievements:

  1. In LaunchBox, Select Tools
  2. Select RetroAchievements Badge Updater (Internet connection required)

If you added or removed RetroAchievement badges for specific games, those games will remain added or removed after running the Updater.  To reset the games that have been added/removed, delete the files Added.xml and Removed.xml located in the plugins folder and rerun the Updater.


A word about Platform names:
Some of the Platform names used by RetroAchievements are different than the default names used in LaunchBox.  When using the Badge Updater, it will ‘convert’ these to the default names.

Examples:  “Mega Drive” gets changed to "Sega Genesis".  “SNES” to "Super Nintendo Entertainment System".  "Game Boy" to "Nintendo Game Boy".

This plugin will not rename any of your existing Platforms.

When checking for badges, the plugin will check your Platforms Scrape As setting as well as the Platform name.

Example: If you named your Platform "Game Boy" and Scrape As is set to "Nintendo Game Boy", badges will show for that Platform.


Platform names that get changed: 

     From                                   To
"Mega Drive"                 "Sega Genesis"
"SNES"                            "Super Nintendo Entertainment System"
"Game Boy"                   "Nintendo Game Boy"
"Game Boy Advance"   "Nintendo Game Boy Advance"
"Game Boy Color"         "Nintendo Game Boy Color"
"NES"                               "Nintendo Entertainment System"
"32X"                               "Sega 32X"
"Master System"           "Sega Master System"
"PlayStation"                  "Sony Playstation"
"Game Gear"                  "Sega Game Gear"
"Virtual Boy"                  "Nintendo Virtual Boy"
"MSX"                              "Microsoft MSX"
"SG-1000"                       "Sega SG-1000"
"Saturn"                          "Sega Saturn"
"Intellivision"                  "Mattel Intellivision"
"Vectrex"                         "GCE Vectrex"
"PC-8000_8800"             "NEC PC-8801"
"PC-9800"                       "NEC PC-9801"
"PC-FX"                            "NEC PC-FX"
"Dreamcast"                   "Sega Dreamcast"
"PlayStation Portable"  "Sony PSP"
"PC Engine"                    "NEC TurboGrafx-16"

Changing the default icon:
If you wish to use a different Badge icon, replace “\LaunchBox\Images\Badges\RABadge001.png” with your own image.

Known Issues:
Game titles are taken directly from RetroAchievements and may differ (slightly or a lot) from yours. So if you have a game that is known to have achievements and the badge isn’t showing, follow all steps under How to add or remove the badge from a game:.

Updating via the Tools menu may take up to 1 minute to complete.  Though not really an 'issue' perse, but it is a "thing".  So plan your updates around refilling your water glass, grabbing a soda or whatever takes you about 60 seconds to do.

Unknown issues:
Let me know when you find them.

Designed for LaunchBox 11.3 and newer.  Major contributors to the plugin are: @jayjay

What's New in Version 2.3.4   See changelog


    Added delay to reduce spamming R-Achievements site
    Removed list of included consoles when update is complete (v2.3.3)

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Works great, Many thanks

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A great plugin for quickly identifying what games support RetroAchievements.

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Plugin error:


Response from the author:

Not really a review, but more of a comment.  No worries.  Thanks for letting me know.  Issue has been resolved with the latest release (v2.3.2).  Please feel free to download the update and try it again.

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One of the best Launchbox plugins.

It puts a badge on games that have achievements and allows you to modify it to your liking. You can put any png image (cup, medal...).

Very showy. Easy to install, clean and versatile. I recommend it to everyone.


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