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  1. Howdy-Howdy everyone! I have two questions and both are related to LaunchBox (not BigBox) and to using LaunchBox in List View. First Question: Is it possible to have LaunchBox sort Favorites to the top of the list when I start up LaunchBox? By default simply alphabetizes the entire platform though I have Arrange by "Favorite" chosen in the arrange options. I use LaunchBox for absolutely everything and I use the Favorite tag to show me everything DOS & Windows-based that is installed. It only takes me two clicks of the Favorites column header to sort this so this is nit-pick on
  2. May I ask if it will at some point be possible to alphabetize favorites in Launchbox.next while in List View? It does list all of the favorites at the top though they are sorted in a strange order. This only appears to happen in List View. I hope this can be fixed as Launchbox.next runs so much better for me. Thank you!
  3. I apologize and you are correct. In Images View it alphabetizes favorites just fine. I am using List View which is not working in the same way. Thank you again!
  4. Is it possible or will it be possible to have favorited games within a platform list be alphabetized at the top of the listing when sorted? This works this way in regular LaunchBox and BigBox. It is very handy for keeping track of what I like to play in big sets and in a Steam set to show me what is installed. Launchbox.next runs so much better on my computer so I hope I can find a way to alphabetize the favorites within a platform listing. Launchbox.next 8.4-beta-15 is currently being used. Thank you!
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