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Fading Elegance v1 & v1+ - Designed with 4K LARGE Screens and TVs in Mind 1.0.7

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About This File

Due to weird uploading issues again, the files are being renamed adding a bunch of numbers before the actual names of the zip files. The Fading Elegance v1+ is the last download (2102651409_FadingElegancev1.zip). The folder structure is still correct once unzipped.

Clean, modern look. Designed especially for using on Large 4K Screens and TVs. All 21 views, including new marquees. If you like to grab a controller or two, hit the couch and jump in front of a 4K Big Screen TV, this may be the theme for you. That's what I created it for! 

Information Rich using very visible color graphic image icons for genres, play modes, max players/controllers (actual controllers are shown for the ones I could find). Lots of items fading in/out throughout the theme.

The "Game Details" view has tons of info mostly in the graphic format, it's the 3rd screenshot. The 1st screenshot transitions into the 2nd screenshot.

It can also show if the game can be played in Virtual Reality, Online, PvP, and more with some very simple setup. (Instructions Below)

It heavily relies on video snaps for it's focal point. In most of the views, the videos will expand and retract when there is no navigation being done in Bigbox.

Includes over 190 audio Platform .mp3 files and 250 Genre Icons (plus the Photoshop template to easily make more). If you don't like the Platform audio voices, just delete them in the Audio folder within the theme.

Includes ALL 21 views (including the new marquee views). Some cool animations as well.
The 2nd file called "Fading Elegance (Missing Video Snap)" was my original design see comments below

Added a NEW version called Fading Elegance v1+ . It has fanart fade into the background and randomly changes every 5 seconds on the Platform Views and has the game's fanart that shows in the Games Views. See the last screenshot.
Thanks to @MangaAddict for the suggestion. While I was at it, I figured I wanted some new sounds to go with the new theme, you can check them out if you're interested. I called them "The Mix"

Matching "Fading Elegance" Startup-Exit Theme - (with animation)
Matching "Fading Elegance" Pause Screen - (with animation)
Download Platform Voice (Salli was used in the video)

Fading Elegance v1+ - This is a better video that included the Start/Exit & Pause themes in actions as well.

Fading Elegance v1 (Be patient with first minute or so, it's showing an example of how some of the videos expand/retract)

Video for the Marquee views: I don't know how to over lap them.


Instructions to use Split Screen, Virtual Reality, PvP and Onlne Play Icon features:
To get the Split Screen, VR, PvP and Onlne Play icons to work in the theme is really pretty easy.

Create the 4 Custom Fields below in Launchbox, just edit any single game in your collection and pick Custom Fields on the left panel. Copy-n-paste one of the 4 custom fields below and press <ENTER>. Then enter Yes in the value section press <ENTER>. Copy-n-paste the other 3 Custom Fields and do the same. Then press OK



Now the fields should be ready and Yes is now a choice in Bulk Edit. Close Launchbox and re-open just to be safe. Then you can go back to the game you used to set up the custom fields and delete the Yes's if you need to.

What I did, was to sort my collection different ways like genre or playmode. I had a genre set up for MMO, so I bulk edited all the games in that category, first I chose Play Mode, making sure they all had multiplayer added as a value. Then I said yes to make more changes, and then chose the newly created Custom Field: Online Play and just select Yes in the dropdown to add value. The theme will now display the animated globe for all those games in the views that use it.

Do that for the other 3 Custom fields using similiar sorts. Of course any game can be edited manually as well. 

The custom fields you need to add:
Virtual Reality
Split Screen

I had never used CTC until about 2 weeks ago (amazing program, huge thanks to y2guru for sharing it and helping me with it). I'm still learning it and am still tweaking and tinkering with animations as far as timing and controls of them and to get them to work like I want.

I wasn't quite sure how most Bigbox folks use the Marquee views, so I just winged it. Like maybe a pinball machine marquee? Ya'll can let me know if I got it all wrong. That is what the 2nd video is, just the marquee capture.

In the orignal design, I had added a video that displays when there is no video snap for a game, but I could only find one way to actually make it work decently. I am glad I found a way to get it to work, but absolutely hate the way I had to do it. It slows the theme down a bit. Maybe there will be someone out there that knows a better way to implement it or maybe future enhancements to Launchbox or CTC will make it easier to accomplish. 
About 1/2 the time you might see a glimps of the Missing Video video during navigation. It's because it is running in the background behind the game video snap and sometimes it would show just before the game's video snap is shown. If you interested in trying it out, It is the one called "Fading Elegance (Missing Video Snap)".

My sincere thanks goes out to @y2guru for sharing CTC, @viking for sharing his videos with us, the "Theme Guru" (@faeran) and @Jason Carr  for getting the upload issues fixed for me! There are many more that do so much for all of us. Thank you

If you like my stuff and use Kodi or a fork of it, take a peak at the skins I have done for it (mostly for kids) and maybe subscribe and say hey while you're there. My Bigbox and Kodi Videos



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What's New in Version 1.0.7   See changelog


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I love this soo much! Very well made, I use Launchbox/Bigbox solely for fighting games on my PC and this modern design is perfect for me. My only one suggestion is whether it would be possible to have a very light blurred background image for each game while scrolling through them. I would love to see the contrasting colors while perusing my games. Awesome work nonetheless, this is definitely my new daily driver. thanks!

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate the feedback. Which views are you liking best? Maybe I can see what I can make happen with them. 

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