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BIGFLIX as the name suggests is a variation of Netflix for BigBox, the theme uses some assets from the popular streaming giant while offering a twist of its own. The theme introduces many features to enrich the user experience such as personalized user profile and banners support that takes the aesthetic looks to a whole new level. BIGFLIX was designed for users who enjoy using Big Box on a large HDTV and HTPCs with supported resolutions up to 4K but it should also scale nicely on PC monitors that supports 16:9 aspect ratio.

As of BIGFLIX v1.1 and onwards, the theme will come in two variations:

BIGFLIX: The original theme will stay faithful to the Netflix formula and is designed for users who wants authentic experience for their HTPCs that mimics the popular streaming giant UI. 

BIGFLIX PLUS: A theme variation of Bigflix created for the community using their feedback (i.e. keeping the original aspect ratios of videos and wallpapers, removing timer/buffer animations, fixing boxart overlapping for odd systems (PSX), weather and time plugin, Grilla's ListBox Scroll Center plugin, and many more! ). BIGFLIX Plus is constantly adapting to include latest community features while staying true to the original BIGFLIX experience.


BIGFLIX v1.2 Changelog:




BIGFLIX v1.2 Changelog

It's all about new Theme Artworks and Plugins support!

  • New: Added more platform banners by the talented @Klopjero to raise the supported systems to more than 100 custom banners including futureproof consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation 4
  • New: Added over 100 platform clear logo for the new Platform Text View that was introduced in BIGFLIX PLUS v1.1
  • Fix: Added ActivePlatform and ActiveGame properties when appropriate for a smoother and faster browsing experience. The themes should have less stuttering compared to previous releases
  • Overhaul: BIGFLIX PLUS now supports weather and time plugin by @Grila, as well as, Centered Listbox Selection across various supported views! (Credits for the plugins goes to @Grila)
  • Overhaul: BIGFLIX PLUS now shows Total Games in all platform views (Thanks to @NJDave71 for his HelperControl plugin)
  • Overhaul: Applied polish and nifty little details in every existing views for a better user experience 


BIGFLIX v1.1 Changelog

2018 UI Overhaul!

  • New: Introducing BIGFLIX PLUS, a theme variation of Bigflix created for the community using their feedback (i.e. keeping the original aspect ratios of videos and wallpapers, removing timer/buffer animations, fixing boxart overlapping for odd systems (PSX), and many more! ).
  • New: Bigflix Themed Custom platform banners recreated faithfully by the talented @Klopjero All credits goes to his amazing work!
  • New: Platform wheel 1 completely redesigned to match Netflix's 2018 Smart TV Homescreen.
  • New: A brand new platform view created for lovers of fullscreen videos rising the total number of platform views into 4 for this update.
  • New: A brand new Wall view added loaded with features for HTPC owners!
  • New: Community Ratings has been added that faithfully matches the new Matching algorithm of Netflix. Game views will alternate between User star rating and community ratings for each selected title.
  • New: Added more user options for Platform Text View, users can now add custom platform fanart and/or platform clear logo to customize the view to their liking. The view will automatically retrieve random game fanart related to the selected platform title if no custom artworks were found. 
  • Fix: Image cutouts in platform text view is fixed and will scale properly to its original aspect ratio
  • Fix: Platform banners spacing overlap now fixed in all platform views
  • Overhaul: BIGFLIX PLUS now shows video snaps in their original aspect ratio and applies a blurring effect in the background that enhances the overall look and legibility of the theme
  • Overhaul: Removed the buffering animations for both BIGFLIX and BIGFLIX PLUS and speed up the transitions for a more smoother experience 
  • Overhaul: BIGFLIX PLUS - Edited the Boxart view to be compatible with odd boxed platforms like PSX (no overlapping boxarts)
  • Overhaul: Added white frame that highlight the selected platform banner to enhance the user quality of life experience 
  • Overhaul: Applied polish and nifty little details in every existing views for a better user experience 



BIGFLIX Showcase:

Installation Guide:

  • Extract BIGFLIX folder in "BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip" and/or BIGFLIX PLUS folder in "BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip" to ...\LaunchBox\Themes
  • Read the supplied text file in the Theme Colors folder and follow the guideline instructions on how to install BIGFLIX Black or BIGFLIX Red color schemes. The theme is defaulted to BIGFLIX Black.
  • IMPORTANT: BIGFLIX PLUS uses plugins as of v1.2 so make sure you unblock the plugins found in ...\LaunchBox\Themes\BIGFLIX PLUS\Plugins by highlighting each plugin and then mouse right-click-->properties-->then scroll down and check "unblock"-->Apply
  • Choose BIGFLIX or BIGFLIX PLUS in Options > Views > Theme
  • Set Video Playback Engine to VLC in Options > Videos
  • Refresh the platform wheel cache under options (Refresh All Images options is recommended for better user experience)
  • Restart Big Box
  • OPTIONAL: In order to fully enjoy the theme as per the creator's intended vision download the custom BIGFLIX startup video by the talented @ea4492 found Here. The BIGFLIX platform banners used in the video showcase is from @Klopjero's amazing work that is bundled within the themes all credits goes to them.


  • BIGFLIX_v1.2.zip: CORE theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and is the only requirement to use this theme
  • BIGFLIX_PLUS_v1.2.zip: Variation theme file ---> Contains the Theme folder and must unblock the plugins for first time setup before using this theme
  • BIGFLIX additional media and theme artworks coming soon!

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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This theme really complements my kodi (xbmc) setup I have with the netflix theme installed on that too! Now I have a seamless transition between platforms into a uniform look! Great job

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Really love this theme, so cool with my story driven games collection rpgs, narrative adventures, and the like.  Exactly what I was looking for!

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I love this theme and I cant find any other that does what it does. AMAZING! I would love to see one thing different or find out how I can do it myself: I would love to eliminate the showing of the box art before the video is shown. I would love to see the video right away.

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I really awesome concept and neat spin on a theme. Keep up the good work. I would like to see it expanded more.

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