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    dam this was a gorgeously long intro! just want to see it again and again!
    I have my startup videos set to random. When this startup comes on, it scares my niece and nephew. That reason alone gets this video 5 stars!
    This theme really complements my kodi (xbmc) setup I have with the netflix theme installed on that too! Now I have a seamless transition between platforms into a uniform look! Great job
    The new graphic transitions never seen in any other theme, the comic concept, the high resolution.... oh my! Beautiful looking theme and thank you for allowing it to run on my low powered netbook, it looks great on the go!
    too good! keep these videos coming!
  1. I have a little over 300 custom video snaps for my PSP, Wii, DS and PS2 collection and all in HD. thats about 20gb of space. I do not know where I could upload all of these in bulk. But "sentaibrad" just steered me in the right direction in regards to whom I should communicate with over at EmuMovies. Hopefully you can have access to all these snaps soon jayjay. Cheers
  2. Hi I messaged Kirstin. I manually checked the database for different name variations until it found the version of game I had, no problem. But many games were missing the video snaps, which I knew getting into my big box/emu movies purchase would be happening (i read the disclaimer). I will contact circo so I can upload the videos, thank you for steering me into the right direction. I just want to do my part in adding to the data base so to somewhat lighten the load from other people. Cheers
  3. Aloha Community I have messaged a launchbox staff member but to not spam them all with the same message I thought I would reach out to the community for advice. I am now a lifetime member for both launchbox and emumovies. I noticed that there are hundreds of games that emumovies and launchbox did not detect during my rom data/media scans, I suspect that you guys just do not have all the video snaps which makes sense. I mean that is a lotttt of videos for helllla games! Well I just graduated with my degree in dance, computer graphics and history (triple major) from university of hawaii and have too much free time during my transition into the workforce now that i am back home (seattle). Since I have been back I have created tons of HD video snaps for hundreds of games on the PSP, Wii and other platforms. Is there any way for me to upload them to launchbox or emumovies so that the community may enjoy them? Sorry for such a remedial question. More sorry if I am not allowed to ask these kind of questions. I may take a while to respond since I am rather slow with consistently checking up on the launchbox website. (^_^) Best, Donatello
    How did I not know these banners existed? These combined with the clear logos on my retro theme just matches! Thank you so much for all this hard work. I cannot think of a system that I have not presented on here, but if I ever do, I will let you know. Til then, thank you so much for these artistic gifts you have given the community!
    Sorry I cant believe I forgot to leave a review back when I downloaded this. Its a fun theme, thanks for making it!
    I cannot believe how much customization is on this theme, simply amazing! Thanks for this theme guys!
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