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    I have been downloading themes left and right today and I gotta say WOW, man your theme is awesome! I love the ability to implement media viewing in addition to games. And I love the video snap in the corner view! What kinds of updates do you think you will be adding in future iterations? I currently run my PC in 1080p even though it can handle 4k just because my TV is 1080p, so no point. I have had no problems with any of the different view options mentioned in the comments section. Great job again!
    Wow! All your videos go nicely with my setup! thank you for all your hard work. Why are these not available for download from within launchbox or big box?
  1. This theme is great! Why can't I download it from my Big Box application?
    I absolutely love this theme! I can tell so much work went into gathering the images, and making sure everything flows smoothly. This is a theme born from love of gaming and it shows! I literally go back and forth between this theme and others because launchbox offers so much variety. However, this theme is in my top 3 for sure now. On lower powered computers, I find this theme to be the smoothest and my go to for my portable USB stick set up. It impresses whoevers house I go visit because it launches without issues. While a theme like unified redux depends on my other computers to have a more powerful cpu or VLC installed. I cant install vlc on computers at work where I plug in my usb on the fly! hahahaha.... It would be nice to have another game view where the video snaps could be twice as large as they currently are. I love game snaps... I do not know how difficult that is to do, i imagine time consuming, but for the next update you make, I would love something like that. Thanks again for making this amazing theme!
    Simple and to the point. I love using this video because my friends always ask me what is big box. The fact that this startup teaches anyone who watches that it is a multi platform emulation front end is just awesome! the music is great and i love the video snips chosen. It takes a lot of work i imagine to make it look this simple and short. Great job and thanks for the upload.
    dam this was a gorgeously long intro! just want to see it again and again!
    I have my startup videos set to random. When this startup comes on, it scares my niece and nephew. That reason alone gets this video 5 stars!
    This theme really complements my kodi (xbmc) setup I have with the netflix theme installed on that too! Now I have a seamless transition between platforms into a uniform look! Great job
    The new graphic transitions never seen in any other theme, the comic concept, the high resolution.... oh my! Beautiful looking theme and thank you for allowing it to run on my low powered netbook, it looks great on the go!
  2. I have a little over 300 custom video snaps for my PSP, Wii, DS and PS2 collection and all in HD. thats about 20gb of space. I do not know where I could upload all of these in bulk. But "sentaibrad" just steered me in the right direction in regards to whom I should communicate with over at EmuMovies. Hopefully you can have access to all these snaps soon jayjay. Cheers
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