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  1. The only reason I use RL in 2019 is because other smart people put up some good setups out there. Colpipes is what I use and RL worls great with BigBox. If I had no access to pre-made setups to start building on, I'd most likely just use BigBox with the beautiful themes the community made for the rest of us, technically challenged people. Ilike the fades and the bezels.
  2. All you need to do is disable the new startup screens under Tools > Options > Game Startup in LaunchBox, and Options > Game Startup in Big Box. Support gave me this solution and it works great, no need to downgrade or mess with emulators.
  3. pitaru

    Mame CHD's

    Thank you very much for the info! I think I understand now: we have the MAME roms plus some extra info for these roms in the form of CHDs. Not all roms need these CHDs to run, but some newer ones do. The reason I downloaded 0.185 is because that's all I could find on archive.org and don't know of any other source since all the other reputable websites don't allow roms download. A list of tried and tested CHDs would be great! Thank you!
  4. pitaru

    Mame CHD's

    Thanks a lot for taking the time, Styphelus. I have a clean BigBox setup that I like, with some MAME 0.194 roms. Not all, just a trimmed down collection. I am just about to finish downloading a MAME CHD 0.185 collection and was wondering if I'll get some benefit by adding the CHDs. I can figure out the technical part of it and probably make it work, just not sure if it's worth the hassle. I mean, are the games better? Are MAME 0.185 non merged and MAME 0.185 CHDs the same games, but with more...information (video, sound)?
  5. I've never done this, I don't even know where to start.
  6. pitaru

    Mame CHD's

    I vaguely understand the difference between the two, I was just wondering: If for example one has a full MAME romset setup (roughly 60GB), is a CHD type (500 gb) complementing the MAME set? Should I choose the CHD instead because it is bigger, better, stronger? I mean I know what they say, size doesn't matter, but I don't believe it.
  7. I am native Romanian speaker. With over 20 million people, Romania could be a great market for you.
  8. pitaru

    Mame CHD's

    Does it make sense to have MAME and MAME CHDs into the same BigBox setup?
  9. got the SNES and Dreamcast themes for a testdrive. Very nice and well organized look. There is obvious thought and planning put into these themes.
  10. I was wondering MrBrac, did you make it work? I read on this very forum that RocketLauncher can break. I am torn between it and straight up BigBox. I have a working RL-BigBox setup and it looks great, but because I read some comments saying it might break, I am not sure I should invest the time to learn it.
  11. pitaru

    8bitdo Controller

    Thank you for the quick, hopefully informed reply! I'll take it as such anyway. I was struggling to find a way to map the X and Y buttons on my 8bitdo inside Project64 to have kick in Mortal Kombat 4 and I was hoping that the paid version would somehow override the emulator's settings. I will still buy the license, but it seems like there's no avoiding the tears.
  12. pitaru

    8bitdo Controller

    So the mapping of the buttons of my controller inside launchbox (grayed out, since I'm using the free version for now) will do nothing inside games, being only used to navigate around the BigBox user interface?
  13. pitaru

    8bitdo Controller

    Hi! Background: I have 8bitdo Pro controllers (Bluetooth). They work in games, however not perfectly. For example, I can't map X and Y in Project 64. Question: By buying the pro version of Launchbox and getting the privilege/ability to map the controller keys, will the controller's buttons mapping override Retroarch, Project64, MameUI etc settings for said controller? Thank you!
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