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  1. Great Job! Can we use it to make an automatic playlist of "most played games" ? And I have a request too : is it possible to add the possibility to add time of play to a game? (I have many hours in a few RPG, it would be great to indicate the actual time of my save in order to have a really accurate time, in BigBox). Thanks for your work!
  2. Waouhou, incredible theme! I like it, very pro and clean, can't wait to see the final version! I will add my suggestions ^^ : maybe in the future, it will be a good idea to make a pause theme, a start up theme and a Start up video in order to have a complete Bigbox Colorful experience. I will definitely follow your creations! Cheers from France!
    Thanks for your work, I like it, it's simple but very nice when you use it on a big TV like me ^^ It's my default theme now. I have few suggestions to ugrade your theme, please consider it : - add stars instead of the text for the community notation - add an index to quickly select a letter when we browse our game collection - And maybe make videos a little more bigger. Keep up the good work!
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