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  1. Yeah mate, thats it. I noticed that bar today, but i dont know whats it for. So thanks again
  2. I have the same issue in windows 10 (last update) with 6600k. Ram on controller disabled. Any news?
  3. Yeah mate, I tried that. About the folder of the image, they are on the steam powered folder, dont move on to the new folder It works! Thanks mate
  4. 1.\\NAS\Retro\LaunchBox\Images\Steam Powered ©\Steam Banner\Counter-Strike Global Offensive-01 2. Ive already got it on my list. It has some metadata already downloaded on launchbox, but when I click on the plugin, doesnt work 3. Yep, ive try both, 1.6 and 1.8 ps. feel free to add me to steam: sakt1moko Maybe we could check via teamviewer
  5. Hi again mate. Thats what I told u. Hope that helps to find a solution. The new version got the same problem, maybe is something about my config (ive got launchbox on a NAS, over a network...) Its latest beta, on windows 10 Ps. Im spanish, btw
  6. Sorry, but English not my thing When I use the plugin with any of my games, it works perfectly fine. In the steam game list (added like the youtube video) it doesnt appear. I push the button but nothing happens
  7. A weird thing... I made my own steam list on launchbox, adding like the tutorial that Jason did But the plugin doesnt work with this games, it works with my other consoles games, but no with these...
  8. Hi again mate. Ive been using old launchbox with rbtray without any problem. Now, im moving to .next, but I cant find a way to make rbtray work again with .next. Could u tell me a solution for this?
  9. Ive been trying to add the playslist to my LB. I Tried to add with LB closed, but always fail, the playlist cant be added, and dissapear from the folder Any solution to this? Im on the latest beta Help @MetalVinnie EDIT1. Why this playlist its the only that doesnt work for me?
  10. Whatever U need, Im such an expert of ps1 & ps2, I could help u with that. Feel free to add me to steam, maybe we could talk over there: sakt1moko
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