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  1. I apologize if it’s inapproriate to make this post here, but here goes. Whenever I’m streaming Big Box to my Nvidia Shield the Shield controller is registering double button presses everytime I press a button, which is infuriating. I’ve have no other controllers connected to my PC, I’ve tried restarting my PC and the Shield, I’ve unpaired and repaired the Shield controller, and made sure that multicontrol is disabled in Gamestream...nothing fixes my problem. Has as anyone come across this issue and found a fix?
  2. I did see that on the main page, and couldn't get it to work for WonderSwan, etc. However, I realized what I did wrong before, and it works now. I changed all the names where you instructed, but I also changed the name of the Images/Themes/Addons/_Handhelds folder, which messed it up. Changed it back and all is well. Thanks! 😄
  3. One issue I'm having with 2.0, and it's a minor one, is that a few of the platforms that worked for me in the previous version (Mega Drive, WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color, and PSP Minis) aren't working in 2.0. I renamed them in LaunchBox to match the names used in Refried (which fixed it!), except for PSP Minis, which is called "Playstation Minis" in 2.0. Is there a way for me to change the name and configs from Playstation Minis to PSP Minis in Refried? I'd rather do that than change the platform name in Launchbox.
  4. I love your the Refried theme, RetroHumanoid. I found it easy to setup, and the theme and theme videos are gorgeous. Fantastic job! My only feature request would be more Arcade theme bezels/videos (Seta, Technos, etc.).
  5. I apologize for the double-post. I got the issue fixed on my own anyway.
  6. I followed all the instructions for importing a full mame set that ETA Prime described in the LaunchBox YouTube official channel, and everything seemed to go smoothly, but none of the games are displaying in LaunchBox. All the artwork, videos, manuals, etc downloaded successfully and are in the appropriate folders. Any idea where I might've gone wrong? Posted this at Troubleshooting and got no response. Thought I'd try here.
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