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  1. This looks ideal for my use case, or indeed any I can think of. If I were to offer feedback it may be a bit involved for some users, but then I guess if someone has gone to the lengths of getting LB and installing the plug in they're probably competent enough to use the proposed setup. If it could hook into LB's playlist, Platform Catergory for example and offer a checkbox for disabling the plugin from there it would probably be a touch more user-friendly I suppose. But really I personally think its a great and powerful implementation and it would suit my needs perfectly
  2. Sorry to leave you hanging. I know Origin definitely has issues with the Steam Overlay in general. I will test on my own rig and get back to you. Haven't had a chance to be on the last while but when I do ill be sure to update.
  3. @LahmaThanks very much for looking in to it. I haven't had a chance to test the new release as yet but have every confidence in it. I curiously enough was able to change the root folder on my LB configuration. But this may be because the. exe was in a subdirectory with the lnk being in the main directory. Will play about with it when I get a chance and report back and raise an issue. Thanks again for all the hard work. The plugin is a real life saver
  4. It refused to launch and SteamLauncher timed out. I suspect this to be a Steam issue introduced in an update as editing the shortcut Steam Launcher make manually to point to to the EXE instead of the lnk and launching from there gave me the same result. It also worked perfectly fine before then stopped working very suddenly. Cant quite remember the option titles, but steam has the launch target and launch in. When either adding the EXE from scratch manually or changing the root folder in LB game options this fixes the issue. As they then both point to the folder with the EXE in it. Its wo
  5. Just thought I'd mention an issue I encountered and the fix. When playing Witcher 3 GOG version with SteamLauncher it stopped working after a while. This was because it was launching from a shortcut that pointed to an exe in a subfolder. Going in to edit game and choosing the exe direct to launch from and then changing the root folder to to the exe folder fixed this for me. Just thought would throw it out there in case someone runs in to the same issue. Ps lahma you rock
  6. Not sure if your emulator paths are correct and pointing to the right programs. Do you have another copy of Steam Launcher ANYWHERE in the Launchbox directory? Lahma strongly advises against this. I believe he described the effect of having two of them as "mayhem" Whatever it is its a simple fix I'm sure.
  7. Check the emulator paths. Previously when SteamLauncher was broke due to updates it would change the emulator paths to Steam,. They may just need reset to the original emulator EXE
  8. Yes dude. That sounds perfect thank you so much! Would give myself and others enough options that for any circumstance that I can think of. I keep meaning to post the batch file with the close dolphin with wii remote function up here as someone apart from me will surely find it useful. As a professional it would probably make your toes curl and your eyes bleed, but it works for me anyways! Will get on the batch - exe over the weekend at some point. I've got a fence to paint and a car to service before I get near my computer
  9. On Cemu: Yeah, this happens when I launch Cemu directly through Steam as well. I'm making use of some Vulkan 1.2 features in it that are very useful. The issue seems to have nothing to do with Steamlauncher and moreso Cemu or Vulkan 1.2. Plugin/Steam overlay works flawlessly with other Vulkan emulators I use so can only guess what the issue is here. On the .bat: Cool i'll give that a go. I got it the wrong way around, I kill touchmote on launch with the .bat,. It's other main focus is to scan the Dolphin log for a string that only appears when you try to go into the Wii main menu, at this
  10. This is a bit cheeky I know. But is there any possibility of adding a setting to enable/disable SteamLauncher by Platform or Platform Category. I have one or two troublesome emulators that don't play nice with it (Cemu in Vulkan mode gives weird graphical artiefacts with it on or my Dolphin setup for Wii which I use a .bat to open so that it launches Touchmote and kills it on exit) It's no biggie like and obviously very thankful that you for all your hard work, that would be on my wishlist to make the add-on perfect for my use case.
  11. Oh snap, you posted this as I just checked the thread . Will report back. Cheers!
  12. Big thank you for continuing to work on this. I know it's a major time investment for you but it's hands down the best plugin for LB. I and many others remain grateful
  13. Thanks kindly man, Will let you know how I get on. Real-life always always comes first, don't feel any pressure on my end (or anyone else's for that matter) to get the release out. Thanks again, you're a gentleman.
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