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  1. Thanks kindly man, Will let you know how I get on. Real-life always always comes first, don't feel any pressure on my end (or anyone else's for that matter) to get the release out. Thanks again, you're a gentleman.
  2. You magnificent son of a gun! Cheers man, as always no rush. Everyone's lucky to have you
  3. Hate to be that guy but it actually works flawlessly for me. Maybe of worth noting that I haven't attempted to use SteamLauncher with the new interface knowing that it doesn't work currently and the games i'm playing currently are all native to Steam. Haven't head any similar reports from my mates who use Steam normally either? Maybe just luck of the draw though.
  4. Ah bummer. Have not upgraded to the beta yet. Hoping it doesn't take too much to figure out what they've changed. This plugin is the cornerstone of my setup, couldn't imsgine being without it anymore😭😭!
  5. Thanks for looking into it @Lahma, I feel the problem is a software/driver issue. I opened a thread in troubleshooting for this as I suspected it may be a more general issue. @HTPCei I'm not running dual monitors, I'm running just on a big cheap 60HZ 4K television. Are you running any programs in the background that could potentially interfere? My suspect for my issue is Touchmote but haven't had time to test thoroughly yet. Do you ever get an issue where the taskbar is showing over windows that should be in exclusive full screen whilst LB is running btw? Started observing this behaviour when the screens began playing up
  6. Heya, thanks for your input. Didn't get testing last night (started work at 6am this morning so was early doors for me) but done some checking today and found that disabling the startup screens fixed the issue for me. It may not be SteamLauncher at all in this case and maybe an issue specifically for my software setup that was introduced in version 9.10. Apologies for the libel and slander Plugin still kicks arse
  7. Disabling startup screens fixed this issue for me. It seemed to only be introduced for me when I updated to 9.10, will keep them off until next release and try again. I know i'm running a whole pile of stuff in that is greedy for focus but if @Jason Carr (not so subtle cry for dev help) gets it fixed in 9.11 that'd be amazing. It's obviously not a show stopper, but as luxury features go it is one I miss
  8. Thank you v much. It could well be a software conflict for me. The programs I suspect are MSI Afterburner and Touchmote. Moreso Touchmote than Afterburner. As the problem is intermittent testing is a slow task but will try some more this evening and get back to you if I learn anything. Thanks for all the hard work!
  9. Thanks for the reply. @DOS76 I did a bit more testing last night. MSI doesn't seem to be the culprit, despite my suspicions. Closing Touchmote or Steam itself seemed to regain focus, in these instances it was the taskbar popping up over videos that it cured.
  10. Hey guys. Have this issue and not exactly sure what's causing it. It seemed to start after the latest update but I installed a buncha stuff around the same time so not sure what the main source of the problem is. On exiting games in BB focus does not return correctly a lot of the time. Furthermore if I have LB desktop mode open and minimised and I go to say watch a YouTube video in full screen, the taskbar will be present, this stops immediately after closing LB. Programs that I have installed that I would suspect of maybe causing issues - MSI Afterburner (RivaTuner minimised and disabled by default) - Touchmote - SteamLauncher Plugin (BB seems to behave better with this disabled but I can't understand why this one would cause my taskbar to stay up when I open a fullscreen browser vid) Has anyone experienced similar. Any help or reports if similar very much appreciated. Cheers!
  11. Hey @Lahma unfortunately it seems to be broken for me (not sure when it happened or if there's been a Steam update) Launching games is fine, but in BigBox closing them presents problems as focus is not returned correctly to BB. I may have to tab to the Game Over screen from BB or it'll be on the desktop or in a browser window I had open before launching. Doesn't seem to be linked to any one emulator (tested using Retroarch and PCSX2) Everything works grand when running without SteamLauncher in my testing. Is anyone else experiencing the same?
  12. If anyone cares I'm very close to what I consider a SEAMLESS Wiimote experience... - Control everything with Wii Remote - Full use of BigBox frontend with Wii Remote. Launch your games and shutdown your system with the remote - Switch between MAME Lightgun games and Dolphin seamlessly - Touchmote closes down for use in Dolphin then restarts to use LaunchBox again and most excitingly in my opinion.... - Close Dolphin with Wii Remote from the Wii Home Menu. No need to grab Keyboard to hit ESC or a controller with a HotKey What's holding the whole thing up is... I cannot get the Wii Remotes to reliably behave when launching Touchmote on startup. 4/5 times they'll be grand. But the fifth time even though I have IR mapped to analog stick, it'll control the mouse, on turning off the Wii Remote the cursor will pull to one side. If anyone knows how to fix this please please let me know. I have tried WiinUSoft but it has it's only particular issues on startup and with retaining the analog stick settings in my experience. Regardless I'll release what I have some point soon. FYI I have no idea what i'm doing and it's gonna be messy and hacky, but it should work. If someone wants to help me tidying it up that'd be great. Just please don't be a tosser about my implementation
  13. Hello everyone, what an excellent thread this is, I've been following along getting my own setup going with mostly success. So far have both Wiimotes working in MAME lovely. Here's a few things I learnt on the way: Map cursor to right-stick on both wiimotes, this makes life easier in LB and MAME menus where you have enabled gamepad control with left stick If using the wonderful SteamLauncher plugin by @Lahma you'll have to disable it as Steam configures your wiimote as a 360 pad and no amount of fiddling will remove the deadzone, even with a mame.ini edit. My goal however is to use this all in BigBox with no fiddling about in Windows. This means if I have touchmote on by default it will interfere with Dolphin when I go to play a Wii game. Has anyone had any luck with making an AutoHotKey script or batch file to get Touchmote to close and stay closed, then relaunch on exit Dolphin? I have tried doing it the other way around by enabling it for my install of MAME that I use specifically for the gun games, but no luck with that, and the fact MAME loves to forget your settings if the controller isn't detected on launch makes me think it's probably easier to leave Touchmote on at all times except when Dolphin is running. I've tried writing a few ahk scripts but nothing seems to get the bugger to close down at all. Any help would be much much appreciated
  14. Very kind mate. It's easy to be concise when you don't really know what you're talking about!
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