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  1. I think there should be multiple fields you can lock out. Region, rating, (including games that have no rating), even entire platforms should be able to be locked out.
  2. For BigBox improvements I chose GUI, that would be for stuff like new features right? Like for example the ability to choose default emulators per game from within BigBox?
  3. I’ll look into making a version of the theme that uses game fan art. I can’t make any guarantees, I also just play around with the default xaml files, but I’ll see what I can do.
  4. The blank game details issue seems to be fixed for me. I’ve tested for two days without a problem.
  5. I think my issue with the black screen and the image cache issue @RULLUR posted are connected, because I also have the issue he has with cover flow not loading images. I noticed that when I get the black game details screen, it’s also when I also have the cover flow issue. But when cover flow works correctly, I don’t get the black game details glitch. Also my HDD is active when this happens, so I wonder if it’s something with it the HDD being busy when BigBox tries to load from the cache.
  6. It happens with every theme, even the default theme. It seems random, but it only happens after I've built my entire image cache. If I clear the image cache it doesn't happen. No plugins installed. I use the Quick Fade transition, but it happens even with transitions disabled. The bug always occurs when transitioning to the game details screen. It should be loading the Fanart-Background image and the game's video snap. I'll test more today and post the logs after it occurs again. Here's a copy of my BigBox settings: BigBoxSettings.xml Yeah I think it's relat
  7. @C-Beats I'm having an issue where the game details screen in BigBox comes up black with just the box art. It does this no matter what theme I use. I've noticed BigBox goes black when transitioning to the game details screen, and it seems to be getting stuck in that transition. Changing the transition type doesn't help. The only way to get out is to bring up the search dialogue and search for something. This bug happens about 10% of the time I access a game's details when I have a fully built cache, but I can't seem to replicate it when my cache is clear. I'm on the most recent beta, but I've
  8. The bug appears to be fixed in the latest beta.
  9. @C-Beats this scenario is what was happening for me. I could have sworn it also happened once when I didn’t change image categories but I’m not positive. I’ll test this new release tonight and let you know if it’s fix for me as well.
  10. LaunchBox is still deleting images when editing games, and it doesn't seem to matter if you change an image's type or not. Just downloading more images causes LB to delete existing images for that game. This makes LB completely useless for editing anything at the moment, since you can't edit anything without chancing images being deleted.
  11. Use this guide to disable startup on all of your ScummVM games. Startup Screens are what's causing the issue. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/49951-disable-startup-screen-for-windows-games/?do=findComment&comment=317145
  12. Sounds good man, thank you. I also just experienced the bug where changing an image type causes the image to get deleted. For example if I change an image from Box Front Reconstructed to Box Front, that image get's deleted instead.
  13. There's still an issue with region tags being ignored on files with more than one region in the file name. IMO this is a critical bug, as a huge number of games don't get a region due to this. Also games from Taiwan don't get regions even when it's the only region in the file name. Import any Taiwan game and you'll see the region field will be empty. Same goes for any game with multiple regions other than USA, Japan, or Europe. So "Crazy Taxi (USA, Japan).cdi" will import correctly, but "Crazy Taxi (USA, Brazil).cdi" will not import correctly, the region field will be blank.
  14. Restarting must have fixed it, I can’t seem to replicate it now.
  15. Adding images to a game causes LB to delete all of the other images for that game. It's happened on the last 5 games I've edited.
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