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  1. I found it a long ago from a Google image search. Surprisingly I found both the Xbox One and DualShock 4 images on separate sites like a month apart. They might have been made by the same artist, I'm not sure, but they match very well. Most of the controller images in my packs are from Google image searches, with a few that I made myself (the lower quality ones lol). Here's both controllers incase you need the DS4 too:
  2. You can find all of my files here with accompanying Photoshop templates (the preview thumbnails for my bezel pack look like gray squares because of the transparent space in the center. Just click on of the gray thumbnails for the full preview): https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/119322-ohboy/content/?type=downloads_file
  3. @Jason Carr Logging out of Origin doesn't seem to work. I logged into the wrong account (a second Origin account I have with no games), but when log out and try to go through the Origin import process it still has me logged in to the account I don't want to use. I just noticed that when I import it the login browser pops up for a second and then disappears, so I think LB is auto logging into that Origin account.
  4. What’s weird is LB is choosing the Brazilian name for the game, but I don’t have a Brazilian version, just the European version. It’s seems to do that with a number of games. Hopefully using the title as priority #1 will work better.
  5. It's still messed up. Shouldn't it choose the name that matches the rom? For example "Open Sesame (Europe).a26" for Atari 2600 is given the name "Abre-te, Sesamo!" instead of "Open Sesame". Is there a way to ignore alternative names and have LB use the same name the rom file has?
  6. @Jason Carr When I import games and group games with the matching names, games that are (beta) are being set as the default version. Is there a way to have betas not be the default? For example Alien vs Predator on Jaguar has 4 versions: Alien vs Predator (World).j64 Alien vs Predator (World) (Beta) (1994-04-08).j64 Alien vs Predator (World) (Beta) (1993-10-13).j64 Alien vs Predator (World) (Beta) (1993-08-18).j64 Alien vs Predator (World).j64 should be the default version since it's the final version of the game.
  7. Amazing work! Are you working on a USA with template pack?
  8. I’d keep the CRT myself for that authentic look and feel. Too bad you can’t have an LCD bezel up top with all of the game info. I know you can have the LCD bezel but I’m not sure if I formation can be displayed on it other than an image.
  9. Thank you man! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get to work with these! :)
  10. @Jason Carr in addition to the "Notes" field missing, "Box Back" is also missing from the audit menu.
  11. Can you release a template for this and your other packs? That way the community can add missing games and other regions.
  12. @Jason Carr can the "Notes" field be added to audit? That way it's easy to tell if games are missing descriptions.
  13. Let the Lysol sit for 10 minutes or else it isn’t fully effective. Though you can also leave your packages sit outside for a day but that isn’t always an option.
  14. Ok thanks, I have been very worried about it. I ordered my first OLED yesterday actually, and have been questioning if it was the right choice. Your advice puts me at ease. Thank you!
  15. @viking would it be possible to have an alternate OLED compatible version that is exactly the same with every view except the list view (TextGamesView.xaml) be an opposite layout from the other views? So the game video is on the left, and options like "Play" "Launch with" etc are on the right? This would help keep OLED TVs from burning in since the game videos would alternate sides of the screen depending on if you're in the game details or not. Here's an example of what I mean:
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