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  1. I have an unorthodox LB setup, my platform categories are by manufacturers, so Nintendo, Sega, Sony, etc. instead of the usually Console, Handheld, etc. I created background videos in the style of the Colorful set for each manufacturer, but with black backgrounds instead of colors. So currently they come up black with a green bar on the left side, from the default green color. I’ll probably just have to wait for the Community Theme Creator files. It’s a shame it can’t use the styles xml, that was such a great solution.
  2. That directory doesn't exist with this version of the theme, so I created it and added the xml file from your version of the theme and it still doesn't work. I tried naming the directory "style" and "styles" but neither worked.
  3. There's a glitch where COLORFUL_Styles.xaml is randomly ignored for subcategories. For example sometimes SNES has the correct color for subcategories and sometimes it doesn't (This can happen with any platform's sub categories, not just SNES). Normal: Glitched:
  4. Is there a way to edit the styles like in the original version?
  5. Yeah I do, I think LB chooses alt and revisions as the default. I import betas and prototypes separately because LB tries to make those default. When I import those I use the option to not import duplicates, that way only betas and protos that weren’t released get imported.
  6. I’ll upload them this weekend, they are just modified versions of @viking TurboGrafx PSD file. If you check his files he posted the template and PSD files for his entire Colorful set.
  7. Yeah it was automatic. 99.9% of the No-Intro sets combine correctly for me, including the Donkey Kong Country games. How long ago did you try? I recently re-imported my entire collection without much issue.
  8. I spent 3+ years scouring the web for artwork, so every game has at least a box front and screenshot. My platforms are separated by manufacturer. Each platform has every game imported, with North America being the priority region, and every other version as an additional app. Every regional exclusive outside of North America is in their own playlist. So for example if you load into my setup you’re presented with Microsoft, NEC, Nintendo, etc (there’s also All Favorites and Playlists categories listed on the root menu with the manufacturers). Click on NEC and you’re presented with TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx-CD, SuperGrafx, and PC-FX. Click on TurboGrafx and you’re presented with Favorites, All Games, North America, Europe, Japan, Genres, Play Modes.
  9. I’ve already done this myself with the theme specific options. When I switch to one theme all games are shown even if they're hidden, when I switch to another theme all hidden games are hidden. If it’s already there on the theme level, it’s possible to do on the system level. A simple check box labeled something like “Hide blocked games while locked” would suffice to enable or disable the option.
  10. I personally would prefer hiding games, there’s so many games with porn covers that I want hidden when locked. I think we should have both options, to just lock, and to hide while lock.
  11. No problem. I noticed a bunch of errors in the PC Engine and PC Engine CD videos so I just reuploaded fixed versions, and deleted the bad ones. Be sure to redownload those two videos.
  12. PC Engine and Sharp X68000 are both in my More Colors set:
  13. I was able to just make the changes without shutting down.
  14. That worked! You are so awesome, thank you. ?
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