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  1. Hi, yeah just been looking found some cool stuff actually.. some guy recreating all the cave stuff and making prints to sell to presumably candy cab owners.. not really what I was looking for but you know how google can take you on a wild goose chase lol. I Searched the terms ‘move strips’ and ‘instruction strips/cards’ stuff on eBay.. this ones a bitch to find. Got enough source art to match the creased strip (I think) .. all this makes me think is what an extensive job yr doing with all these bezels/overlays.. really impressed
  2. Not seeing it pal, will keep looking though. what's that art type called? I wanna call it an inlay but i don't think that's right...sticker maybe 😬
  3. Hi can you direct me to the Deathsmiles artwork (the creased one) i want to restore it for you (and me). Thanks... yr commitment to this project is next level!! So thank you!!
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