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  1. I really like arcade_billboard, would it be possible to get it in ultrawide?
  2. Any way to get rid or hide the game's community rating info? Unchecking this option doesn't do it.
  3. I was able to get it to show up correctly after figuring out the correct x,y coordinates for each screen. Thanks for helping me figure it out! This is how I have my default.lay configured (didn't need the ini file as it was the cause of the black screen with only audio and not being able to bring up the menu):
  4. My MAME is the latest 0.228. I'm only able to get into the configuration menu without the ini file from there I can only select screen 0 but within it, options on how I want the screens to be displayed ie. Dual Over-Under (Gapless) etc.
  5. It isn't working, all I get is a black screen with audio only. I basically divided all my art work elements for the bezel in half for each screen and then edited my default.lay for them and for the second screen. Here's how I have it configured it's for a 21:9 Ultrawide monitor:
  6. Thanks I'll Give this a try and tell you how it goes, sorry for the late reply, I went to be early yesterday lol.
  7. So other than adding the ini file, I won't have to change anything in the default.lay file which I have configured for vertical layout?
  8. Would anybody know how to configure a default.lay file for a custom bezel artwork for Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out? A traditional default.lay configured for a vertical layout won't work. I think it's because the games use 2 screens vertically.
  9. I'm just using the default theme with Platform View 1, also I didn't realize that not all themes or views support platform videos. I guess I'll just play around with the views and see which one works.
  10. Platform videos don't show up in Big Box, I've placed them inside Videos\Platforms\ and properly named them accordingly but they just don't appear when I run Big Box. All the other video snaps for the games show up but not the ones for the platforms. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed that I have to enable this?
  11. No CHD's though, that's what I'm looking for. I already downloaded the 0.221 ROM set last night.
  12. Yes, I've previously had a complete 0.215 ROM+CHD+Sample Set which I originally got from archive.org and even had it on my favorites on my account over there. About a month ago, the drive where I was storing it in failed. So I went back to archive.org to go and re-download the torrent, but it was no longer there, not even listed on my favorites anymore. And as of yesterday while searching on there, the newest set was from 2016 (ROMs only). I found a complete 0.202 ROM+CHD+Sample Set at Arcade Punks site and that's what I have now.
  13. Archive.org was the first place I looked. I'll check out Pleasuredome, thanks! :)
  14. I'm not able to find any torrents at all for the latest set, only older versions that are older than what I currently have. The other resource I found for the update packs also have the latest CHD set, but they're in several .rar parts, so I'm going to probably just have to re-download them all again anyways.
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