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  1. oh ok, problem is that most of my games are gog not steam, but i'd like to scrape them from steam. will have to do manually then 😉 thanks !
  2. would be incredible for the plugin to be able to find the steam page automatically 😉 for scraping big collection. thanks for it tho!
  3. Salut! Really in love with your theme, for me it's the most beautiful around. The big problem for me is that it's "slow", I mean, when you see the wheel, the info of system or game shows wayyyy later, and it's not convenient for me for day to day use. Would really love a "light" version of it, faster (more practical) without the right to left transitions. Thanks and cheers mon ami
    very nice boxes, amazing work!!! from my scummvm set (125 games!) it's missing only operation stealth and swords of xeen (wrong cover showing might and magic trilogy but I don't think swords of xeen have any "official" cover) thanks a lot
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