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  1. awesome, thank you
  2. Anyone have an AHK script example to switch Gun4IR modes from full screen to 4:3 that will run on start shutdown of MAME? Here's the commands to enable/disable Enables 4/3 { SerialSend.exe /baudrate 9600 /devnum 5 "M3x1" } $ Enables 16/9 { SerialSend.exe /baudrate 9600 /devnum 5 "E" }
  3. yeah it works if i set it to 1280 x 720, but then my marquees dont fill the screen
  4. I believe they are both running the same Hz (I'll check again tonight to confirm). The funny thing is it works If I don't use the native resolution. Does yours work with the native res? In case it matters I am using an Nvidia card, is there any settings in the Nvidia control panel I need to change?
  5. I have the same issue. Did you ever get it resolved? Also did you try running it in 1280x390? I can set it to that in Nvidia, but when I do BigBox fails to use the screen as a marquee.
  6. Anyone using this monitor as a Marquee screen VSDISPLAY 14.9inch 1280x390? If so how are you getting it working in native res? Whenever I set it to native res it BigBox wont show Marquees on it.
  7. I get the same issue. Did you figure it Cupanther? I’m have the same issue. I think it’s because the exe for launch box/big box is running so it won’t switch to another profile.
  8. Thank you. It worked :)
  9. thanks for responding, I don't think my G920 is supported by the older software (i'll check though). So I am stuck with G-hub. Oh well I'll figure it out somehow
  10. Thanks, So is there a work around?
  11. Does the beta fix the issue with G29/G920 controls? When I set up the controller in BB or LB, it appears to have a sticky down key and become unusable. The only way I can get it work is to exit and disable the controller, which isn't good as its my arcade cabinet.
  12. Sorry for bumping an old post, Do you know how to set the profiles in G hub? I can't seem to get them to stick.
  13. what’s the best way to hide games that I am still configuring big box?
  14. Krakatoa


    never mind. I figured it out, you have to create a bat file to launch demulshooter.
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