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  1. You dont ha e to use platform videos. The theme pick up game videos and show it automatic. Remove platform videos (or dont use the viking videos) and you will fix it.
  2. I have 1500+ games. 800+ are in .bin/.cue format, the other half is all in .iso format. And i repeat: Hard Drive space is not a problem for me! I want it all decompressed in iso!
  3. No no no, i dont want to compress.. I want to avoid loading screen and i have a LOT of free space And the WinBon2Iso dont work with command lines. u.u
  4. Hi guys, i have like 1500 PS2 games 1bin and 1cue file for each game. Im using the software WinBin2Iso to convert my games to iso format. The problem is, i only can do one by one at time... Is there some tool to help me convert all BINs to ISO at the same time, or one by one but automatic? Thanks
  5. Ohh my goooosshhhh, cant wait to try❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. Hey, check this out. I really like the idea of it. http://creativeartsandtechnology.com/product/pixelled-art-makers-kit-arcade/ https://youtu.be/LyIXah7Aoc4
  7. In the PLAY menu, the background use to be a art or clearlogo img. Is there a way to remove this and let it black or... use only one custom img that i choose? What is the .xaml file in Views folder to edit it?
  8. What size is your monitor¿
  9. Dude this joystick ken and ryu are amazing. Where did you get this?
  10. Guys i got a little problem. I use IPAC in my arcade and some systems/Games use different kind of controls. So i use the Additional App option to run before and after launch some games a Bat file with a new IPAC config. Is there a way to apply Additional Apps to multiple games like Bulk Edit, or i have to do it game by game 500+ games 😰?
  11. Is there a way to put only the vertical platform whell to the left side?
  12. [EDIT] Nevermind my question, i found a easy solution for my problem. I made 2 bat files, one to call the new IPAC config before launching the game, and other to call the default IPAC config. Put those files like Aditional app. To launch before: @echo off call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "F:\DUCKGAMES\IPAC\Happyland.ipc" exit 0 To launch after: @echo off call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "F:\DUCKGAMES\IPAC\MAME.ipc" exit 0 Just like this: Rope this method help someone in a future!
  13. So, i got a little problem... Im trying to launch a old DOS game with this: @echo off call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "F:\DUCKGAMES\IPAC\Happyland.ipc" call C:\LaunchBox\DOSBox\dosbox.exe -conf "C:\LaunchBox\DOSBox\dosbox.conf" "F:\DUCKGAMES\MS-DOS\Happyland Adventures\HAPPY.EXE" %1 call "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinIPAC V2\WinIPAC.exe" "F:\DUCKGAMES\IPAC\MAME.ipc" exit 0 Works perfect if i launch the Bat file. IPAC load the new config and reload the default one after i close the game. But, if i load from Launchbox, the screm goes crazy. The game is not in full screen and 2 cmd windows become on front. And if i select the game screen and close it, the game close and i have to type (EXIT) in the DOSBOX screen. Anyone know any solution?
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