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  1. First of all, thanks for the best Bigbox theme ever made!!! I really love this so hard and muchh <3<3<3 Now. I have some questions: 1-When I mark a game as broken, why dont show an broken icon? 2-In my game list view, the logo of the game show on top and botton. Is there a way to change it? ...Because in plataform list, you can see the plataform logo on top and some other logo on botton and i want to see game list like that. And, in the ARCADE screenshot, you can see the text: Calificaciones de Estrellas in spanish, the translation is a bit large and dont need to be like that. Only with "Calificaciones" is enough! Is there a way to change it? Sorry about my bad english
  2. EduInmigrante


    Ok, i fixed my problem. First, i made a new RocketLauncher stall to update it to a new version. In this new version, Bigbox plugins work perfect. After that, i just copy my old Rocketlauncher config files into my new Rocketlauncher and now everything works! Now when i put a new system in launchbox, i tell that Rocketlauncher is my emulator, and now all works!
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    If i do what you say, Rocketlauncher dont detect my systems installed in Launchbox... I downloaded a new clean rocketlauncher to test and it works, but all my emulator config are lost.
  4. EduInmigrante


    I always used Hyperspin with Rocketlauncher, now im trying to add Rocketlauncher to LaunchBox/Bigbox, so, my problem is, im trying to add bigbox to my Frontends list on Rocketlauncher, but i got some pluggin problems. Someone know how to find those plugins to bigbox?
  5. Is there a way to make my own translation? I want to change some words to some kind of personal expressions, like for example: Change "Loading" to LET'S ROCK DUDE!
  6. I use to do this, sometimes work, sometimes dont!
  7. Hi, just found this topic and i want to participate. Im using nostalgia theme I have the same problem, my library is big, i have almost 50 systems and a total of 19487 games by now. Still have much more to add. By now i have all this in my personal pc, and my spec is very decent. I have a Ryzen 7 2700x with 32gb ram and a GTX 1080! The Launchbox with all medias is on a 1tb M.2 and all game rooms are in another 8TB HD. The launchbox and bigbox load fast, all work great. My problem is, the wheels using logos, they use to just disapear. Wheels loos like invisible and appears a time later, and videos take long to load some times. But this happen sometimes... My problem fix when i restart bigbox after have it running for like 5 minuts.
  8. Did you made this by your self? Can you share the plans?
  9. JOYTOKEY IS YOUR SOLUTION!!! JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever joystick buttons and sticks are pressed, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if you are using a real keyboard and a mouse. Basicly, I-PACK use keyboard, so, convert yoyr xbox 360 to a keyboard and all done https://joytokey.net/en/overview
  10. Thats strange man. Work perfect to me. I use JoyToKey 5.9 and i have checked Hide from taskbar when minimized.
  11. Hi, i just found a good solution!!! Original post: Open your RocketLauncher\Lib\Keymapper.ahk, there's the following code, my additions are in red. RunXpadder(keymapperPath,keymapperExe,ProfilesInId Order,joystickArray) } Else If (keymapper="joy2key") OR (keymapper = "joytokey") { Log("RunKeymapper - Looping through controllers to find joytokey profiles for each one",5) If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "load") Profile2Load := GetProfile(keymapper, romProfile . "\" . dbName . "|" . emuProfile . "\" . emuName . "|" . systemProfile . "\" . systemName . "|" . defaultProfile . "\_Default", keymapperLoad_Or_Unload) Else If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "unload" && keymapperFrontEndProfile = "joytokey" && !contextOnExit) Profile2Load := GetProfile(keymapper, FEProfile . "\" . keymapperFrontEndProfileName, keymapperLoad_Or_Unload) Else If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "unload" && keymapperFrontEndProfile != "joytokey" && !contextOnExit) Profile2Load := ; user does not have joytokey set as their FE profile choice, keeping this blank will unload joytokey Else If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "menu") Profile2Load := GetProfile(keymapper, RocketLauncherProfile . "\RocketLauncher", keymapperLoad_Or_Unload) RunJoyToKey(keymapperPath,keymapperExe,Profile2Loa d) } Log("RunKeymapper - Ended") If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "load") Sleep, 250 If (keymapperLoad_Or_Unload = "unload" && keymapperFrontEndProfile = "joytokey" && !contextOnExit) Send, {Click down}{Click up} Return %FEProfile% } Work's PERFECT to me!!!
  12. Hi every body, i have a little question: Is possible to make a sub-menu to separate differents roomsets, and all those folders, appear in BigBox? Example: ►🗂️Super Nintendo Entertainment System ↳ ⎽ 📂USA Romset ↳ ⎽ 📂Japan Romset ↳ ⎽ 📂Europe Romset Right now, i have the (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) repeated 3 times. I want to have the Plattform menu, more clean ❤️ Thank you!
  13. Thanks a lot for the help! 😍
  14. Hi, i have the same issue. Did you get some solution? I will try to make some auto kill process everytime RL close to see if it will work.
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