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  1. I think the question of will they look good is subjective. They will look like older games blown up, so will look "rougher" than you probably imagine. There are lots of things you can do to change the look though some may frown on this, I like having these options. If you are using say Retroarch, there are lots of options with shaders to change the look, you can for example emulate the games displaying on a CRT TV which will make them look more authentic. This is probably a whole subject, so worth searching through to find some ideas of Retroarch and the settings you can tweak. He
  2. Excellent, had to tweak around with the settings slightly to get this to import correctly, there is a step where it says "scrape as" or something similar, I had to leave that blank to get it to import. I updated the meta-data so it would import the correct meta-data and then moved the category to under my arcade games and called it Outrun Remastered so it shows up there too.
  3. VectrexOnline Looks very promising, anyone got this working with Launchbox, particularly overlays?
  4. Hi, I have an issue where everything is running really slowly when using your set-up. Standalone in a separate install, I get full speed without any problems. Isn't a performance limitation on my machine (I have a Ryzen 5 3600, so shouldn't be a problem running this). Any suggestions on any settings you are using in your emulators that might be causing my frame rate to run slowly?
  5. I am having the same issue, constant freezing when importing and updating meta-data almost every time I update anything it gets to the end and then freezes. Refreshing selected images does exactly the same thing. Any ideas on how to fix or diagnose this issue, extremely frustrating.
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