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  1. Found this on SteamGrid Submitted to the database.
  2. I've got the .229 set and the only cdi bios included was the cdimono1.zip, I had to get the rest online. It's about time I updated my set anyway
  3. these 2 files can be found in the cdi910.zip, I couldn't find it in any romset, so had to download it from the web.
  4. Found this on SteamGridDB
  5. Ah good to know, I'll try that out now and see how it goes.
  6. At the moment, Yeah. I've only just recently started looking into CD-i emulation, so I'm still learning a lot about it myself. If I come across anything useful I'll let you know.
  7. Yeah unfortunately Zelda - Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamalon are the same with me, works perfect until the actual gameplay. The only Zelda game that's worked well for me so far is Zelda's Adventure. The dump warning is for the servo and the slave, if you load it through the command line, it shows a bit more info. I've looked about online but there isn't much info that I could find. There may not be a proper dump for the bios yet but I could be wrong.
  8. it looks like my cdibios is just a copy of cdimono1 with a couple of files missing. Instead of downloading a full set for 1 zip, go back to edgeemu and search for CD-i 910 grab that zip and move it to same place as your cdimono1.zip Between the two zips you should now have the 5 files
  9. Just checked my bios files and I don't have the slave and servo 2.0 in the cdimono1.zip but I do have the slave 2.0 in the cdibios.zip checked the zombie dino and t's named the same as mine So I loaded dino and it did load the intro, but after that it went back to the aqua screen and stayed there. just noticed this as well, this needs to be checked or the games don't load on mine
  10. I've been working on this for a few hours and managed to get some games running on MAME through Launchbox. My apologies now as this is a bit long and tedious, but it's the only way I can get them to work. If anyone has a better (& quicker) way please let us know. I'm using MAME 0.229 for this but hopefully it'll work on other versions. These are the Bios files and they can be kept anywhere as long as you point MAME to the folder. cdibios.zip - I got this from the MAME 0.229 ROMs (bios-devices) set cdimono1.zip - You'll need to search google for these two if you don't already ha
  11. Try this and see if it helps. If you go to Options>Visuals>Backgrounds and turn Background Fade Amount up to max.
  12. If you click Tool>Options and check this option, you will get an extra prompt when you delete a game asking if you want to delete the rom as well. I'm not sure how you automatically delete the ones you've already removed but this will help in future.
  13. Click on the platform you want and then in the top bar menu, click Arrange By and select region.
  14. Sounds like the regions have been combined, by default Launchbox will combine all region variations of the game into 1 entry (usually the NA release). Easy way to check is right click on Secret of Mana and see if you have these options.
  15. You're welcome mate. If you want a specific colour combo, just let me know.
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