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  1. I'm not sure about linking patches or attaching them to posts, A bit of clarification on this would be good. but when you have the patches, make sure they have the same filename as your roms and then place them in the patches folder in the Snes9X directory and then load the game as normal. You don't have to patch the roms themselves. To change the time you need to use the bsnes-plus or Mesen-S emulator. Snes9X uses the current time and can't be changed.
  2. With Excitebike you need to wait a bit between screens, at 19:04 you get the demo that you can't skip. Then you'll get to pick your character. You then need to wait till 19:07 to play the game. You can set a fast-forward hotkey in Snes9X to help speed this up. To get F-Zero Knight, Ace, King & Queen running you need to patch them first. You can get the patches from BSZelda. Again with F-Zero there is a bit of a wait between screens, then a demo and then you get to play the game. Just use the fast-forward key again to skip these bits quicker. Also grab Lunar IPS to patch the roms.
  3. Not the best, but hopefully does the job.
  4. I've never noticed the 500G but it probably is some sort of currency. I vaguely remember reading somewhere a long time ago, about sprint shoes that could be bought from the shop but that's about the extent of my knowledge.
  5. Yeah, change the file name to BS-X and then the extension to bin
  6. Once you actually start the stored game it creates an .srm and you shouldn't need to enter your name again for that game. However every rom you start fresh will ask you for your name and gender until an .srm is saved for it.. I'm not sure about the bottom option as I've never used that. I haven't really messed with the Satellaview games much and I've always had to go to the house to start a game. I just renamed the patched sfc bios to BS-X.bin and it worked for me.
  7. At the first house you start in front of, push up and then A You'll be presented with a list, choose load stored data (or the top option if you are not using the patched bios) and then select the game to load.
  8. Right click the game and edit the metadata/media and in the title field type front mission gun hazard. Then click search for metadata and the game should show up.
  9. you need to go to desert island for MFME Register, post a couple times and you'll be able to download it.
  10. They've probably hit the shortcut keys to hide the side panel. At the top of the window click View > Show/Hide > Side bar and enable it, that should get it back.
  11. Try this, go to the GZDoom directory and open the gzdoom-(username).ini find the Autoload section and add the paths to your mods like below and save Then load as normal through Launchbox and you should be good to go.
  12. Yeah, you're probably bound to run into problems with that many games. I've only got a couple thousand so I haven't had any problems with the genres (Yet) But glad to hear it helped with the James Bond Collection at least.
  13. My Apologies, I didn't realize Sonic Boom had been released on multiple platforms (I've only ever played the Arcade version) You can try this, copy and paste this value into the genre field "Shooter; Shooter / Flying Vertical; Construction and Management Simulation" without the quotes and this should remove Aerobiz & Sonic Boom (Arcade & the Activision release for the C64) and include Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing Arcade. Now the other problem is, if you have Sonic Boom for the Amstrad, Amiga or the NET Software release for the C64, they will still be included because they are marked as Action instead of Shooter. So if you include action in the genre field, it'll remove some of the sonic games. The only thing I can think of is to select these versions and change the genre to shooter and that should then remove them from the playlist as well.
  14. This is what I use for my sonic games, all my rom hacks are included and it stops Sonic Boom & Sonic Wings from being included. however I don't have any sonic games past the 16bit era so I can't say if it'll work for anything newer. if you want the sonic arcade games, you could switch out Platform for Genre > has none of the values > Shooter / Flying Vertical and this also stops Sonic Boom & Sonic Wings being included
  15. No problem bud, unfortunately my skills don't extend to redraws atm but hopefully someone can help you out.
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