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  1. Fullscreen doesn't affect the screenshot in MFME v20, It seems to depend on how the layout was created. Most of them are just the machine but a few have extra space at the sides or custom backgrounds added which widens the screenshot. I couldn't find a way of cropping the screenshot from within MFME so I just did it manually. I don't know if maybe earlier versions added extra space when capturing a screenshot, but I doubt it. What version of MFME are you using?
  2. I have noticed that in your screenshot the image appears to be landscape, edit the image and remove the excess at the sides of the machine and it should display better. the wider a picture is, the smaller it appears
  3. I've no idea what's going on there, I added all my roms first, then I added the images and never came across this problem. Hopefully someone can explain what's went wrong here, I'd like to know myself incase it happens to me at some point.
  4. I meant the view options in launchbox, click view at the top and set the image group to boxes That's fine, this is where is should be, if you've moved it out of this folder put it back, but if you've changed the name, Launchbox won't find it when you refresh the images so you may have to add it again. Delete the boxes folder that you made as well, that's not needed.
  5. It is in the tutorial near the end, blink and you might miss it though i use jpg's for mine and they show. Have you got your Image Group set to boxes?
  6. If you load up your game as normal then press Scroll Lock on the keyboard, it should switch Game Focus on. This disables all hotkeys and lets you use the keyboard as intended for the system. Just press Scroll lock again to deactivate the Game Focus.
  7. IainSA

    Cant get boxart

    Does Launchbox find an ID for the games that are missing artwork?
  8. Here is the video I couldnt see anything that could help, but you might find something i missed.
  9. I just came across a YouTube video by @ETAPRIME and Launchbox does have a Retroarch netplay feature in the tools menu but I've never noticed or used it so I have no idea if it's related to your problem. Have you tried changing the hotkey combo for saving/loading and see if it still causes the same issue.
  10. Some button or button combination is activating the netplay hosting in Retroarch. I'm not sure why this is only happening when Launchbox is active, It shouldn't be affecting Retroarch.
  11. Don't know how much help I actually was bud, it was a bit of a learning experience for me as well lol. But at least you've got it working in the end. I don't have PayPal but thanks for the offer anyway.
  12. again this seems to imply a read only file. Can you edit the new file like before? The only other thing i can suggest is to first try copy/paste the player 2 controls in the Corename.cfg to the old retroarch.cfg and see if that works. Make a backup copy of the old cfg before changing anything so you can revert to your original setup
  13. I just downloaded the game and it runs fine with my 360 controller, the only difference in my game.ini is on the first line but that could be because you're using the Xbox One controller Player1 KEY ã=27 Player1 KEY ‰E=70 Player1 KEY ‰º=66 Player1 KEY ¶=72 Player1 KEY ‚`=65 Player1 KEY ‚a=83 Player1 KEY ‚b=68 Player1 KEY ‚c=81 Player1 KEY ‚d=87 Player1 KEY ‚e=69 Player1 KEY PAUSE=27 Player1 JOY ‚`=0 Player1 JOY ‚a=1 Player1 JOY ‚b=2 Player1 JOY ‚c=3 Player1 JOY ‚d=4 Player1 JOY ‚e=5 Player1 JOY PAUSE=9
  14. It is odd Retroarch failing to save changes does make it look like a read only problem but if you can make changes and save them manually it can't be read only, if i set mine to read only, notepad refuses to save it. Try this, rename your config to retroarch.cfg.bak and open RA, this will create a new retroarch.cfg and see if any changes you make can be saved to the new file.
  15. I don't know, how did you edit the config? did you use the windows notepad or something else.
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