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  1. This right here. Thanks so much for this. I beat my head against the wall for way too long trying to figure out why I couldn't permanently save this setting. I found this in the file you mentioned but assumed the entry would've been "Atari 5200" like the .atari800.cfg file. Changed it to "5200" and it finally properly launches the games. Cheers.
  2. Is there an existing Feature Request for this? Would love to upvote this. Since I'm moving over from HyperSpin, I'm looking for a way to mimic the way they do Favorites. Going to filter and having a pre-defined "Favorites = is true" filter that I could toggle on/off would be fantastic.
  3. I saw there was an existing feature request, so I upvoted that one. Now there are 2 votes 🙄 I did find a roundabout way of doing what I want. When I press left on the text list and I get the sort menu, right above the Star is a filter option. So I can set the Favorite option to "is true", back up and it only shows Favorites on the list. That works great. So now I need to search around to see if there's a way for me to simplify that process, such as by having pre-defined filters created on this page that I can toggle on/off. Thanks.
  4. I think I'm looking for something similar. I'm a new user to Launchbox, just working with it for the past 2 weeks now. I spent some time over the past couple days working on the BigBox interface and was trying to figure out a way to display Favorites the way I prefer. I'm moving over from HyperSpin, and while I've been really enjoying the changes LB/BB brings to the table, Favorites is one item so far that I've been unhappy with and am actually trying to replicate over to BB from HyperSpin. In HyperSpin while in a platform view (let's say SNES), and all games are displaying, I press a but
  5. Resurrecting this from many moons ago, but thanks for posting this fix. I'm just getting off the ground with LB and had a problem with only my Genesis emulator as well for some reason. Through this tip I found all my Genesis games had no emulator assigned, so I did a bulk edit and now it's fixed. Cheers.
  6. Not sure if this is a workaround or a fix, but through random testing I was able to find that by disabling this setting the problem went away: Options -> Game Startup Uncheck 'Show "Loading Game..." Message' (checked by default) I'm using the default theme, in case it matters.
  7. New user to BigBox. Having the same issue. I've tried about 6 platforms so far and the only platform it *doesn't* do this for is Dreamcast. If it matters, I'm using RocketLauncher (and NullDC for Dreamcast). Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Anyone found a workaround yet? Perhaps there's a way to tell BigBox to not automatically start videos when browsing through the game list? Auto playing videos is obviously a big draw to any frontend that I'd really like to leave on, but I definitely can't live with having music playing in the background when I'm trying to play games. Worst part is that
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