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  1. Hi, i tried to run Games with the Android emulator Bluestacks. Big Screen with BB. I have the newest version. If i want to run one of these games, it doesn't run fullscreen. Is there a way to force it? The main reason why i emulate with Bluestacks, is that it's more compatible with multiplayer games (splitscreen for example, with controllers). My other question: Is it possible to run android games natively with apk's, so i don't need to emulate (Win11)? Maybe someone has already experience with it. Thank you in advance!
  2. If you only use it for launchbox and gaming.. never change a running system! If you want a performance boost, i think it's the better option to update your system. I don't think it could get noticeably better. Maybe some new drivers can help, but thats depending on your hardware and what games you want to play. Please somebody correct me, if i'm wrong 🙂
  3. No problem. Thanks anyway for trying to help! @neil9000 Is it possible to WoL with the harmony hub? I don't find anything about that. I tried the "anymote smart remote" app on android without any hub. It has a beta plugin for the fire tv stick. But there is a problem.. On screen there is the "debug window" which i had to allow. If i do so, there is no connection at all and the window comes everytime i want it to connect.. So i hope someone have a solution, because the harmony app is expensive and should be the last choice..
  4. I can understand you very well. Now, i can say that you've got the right choice with BB! Ok, i'm not that into retropie anymore, cause it's been a few years now. You mean game or platform descriptions? Is it possible to copy the descriptions into a text file and then copy it to launchbox?
  5. I can just agree with you! Very interessting project. Once i build my retropie, with ours/months of countless errors/bugs or false settings.. and setting up the emulators.. at some point i was able to finish it. I had no experience whatsover with linux, emulators or such a project. It was very exciting. Now, i'm on a new project like Nuck. I am looking forward to see more of it!
  6. That would be great, i f you can do so. I can do that with the controller Images on my own.
  7. Thanks! Your theme is why i originally came into that! That should be a great win! Thats amazing! It should be a bit more transparent (the black colour around the controller) and it should shows how the original platform controller buttons fit with the new ones (in this case xbox one and ds4). The buttons should be changeable and highligted with a photoprogram. The absolute "candy" should be, with this loading bar "gif-file" (but its not a priority to me): If that all works together, that were amazing!
  8. ok Thank you! I tried to play around with the xaml Files, but.. no way! 😅 i can´t even do simple things like "copy gif from theme A to theme B" and i dont know anything about the coding, except there are heights widghts and paths🙂 Unfortunately, i have to stick to the standard themes. I don´t want to use this plugins because i dont know whether it works properly in the long run.
  9. sry my english is not the best. I need the path in the explorer to find where the images are in, i want to change. What i also considered is to test the super pause menue(from the third party apps). It looks a bit easier and faster to implement, but i hope i dont break anything by doing this.
  10. ok. But is it possible to add in my background picture from the start up theme, the controllers and change it with the original background? If so, how can i find them? This is a great pause theme, and there are the controll Images i could add.
  11. Hello everyone, i´m open for a new project and now, i want to make it easy for others (multiplayer games) to understand how the buttons work in the picked emulator. I have found a startup theme here, that looks really cool. I know there are pause themes that can show the mapping, too. Does anyone have a idea how to make it simple and easy for other people on multiplayer games? I have made an example below for a startup theme. Is there a simple way to get this Controller Images in the theme for every emulator? Maybe the gamelogo and "loading..." higher and delete the fl
  12. For everyone who´s interested or have the same problems: The problem comes indeed from the seperate software "xpadder". The program causes the double input, altough only two buttons have been mapped! DS4Windows is no problem with BB. So, i also had the problem with BB that i can't bind button "7+8", called the "menue" + "map"-Button (picture above, Buttons 6+7). The solution is also very simple, but you have to figure it out first😀 Normally, you have to press the two buttons at the same time and then it works. Very fast, very easy. By these buttons, you have to press it waaaaaa
  13. Unfortunately, i have to live with this. I dont want to set up my whole system from the bottom up. Hopefully, microsoft fix this with a update or new drivers for win 11.. Thank you very much for your help faeran! If you have any other ideas, please contact me!
  14. Wow, you have a lot of devices😅 From the first look, the harmony app looks great, but the hub is very expensive. Edit: I tried the android app "anymote", but i couldn't get the connection with fire tv to work.
  15. Yes, the option is definetly unchecked. The file mentioned above include the setting, right? And there are no other files?! Strange. Thats the Microsoft original driver and no other programs have this problem. I googled about this issue, but there is nothing to find except of pairing problems. I hope there is somebody with the same controllers who has no problems or can help.. What i dont understand.. why can a xbox 360 controller be fully mapped, while a xbox one controller can't? I thought they have the same drivers in Windows device mgr? You mentioned above that you h
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