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  1. Yes, retroarch for the emulator and the appropriate platform set as well. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong
  2. I added some new roms and when I tried to launch them from launch box using retroarch it does nothing. No error, no anything. I tried it from big box and it went from "now loading" back to the game page. But if I load it directly through retroarch it works fine. I checked the path to make sure It wasn't loading up a previous version, and it isn't. Not sure how to fix this.
  3. fair enough. I just thought that since the black screen is a different issue than this one maybe that's why people weren't answering. But now I know. I apologize. It was set to VLC both in BB and as my default player, so I tried making it play through WMP and it still didn't work. I don't understand why. But when i tried another video it was more like the video frozen at the first frame (or first second or two) while the audio plays. should I change it in bb to wmp maybe since it being set up in VLC doesn't seem to work? This is what happened when I tried to use the gamecube style opening video. The audio was fine, but this is all i got of the video
  4. i just tested it with another video and basically the audio works fine, but the video pauses almost immediately and I can't get it to play. any thoughts on what i should do? does adding mp4 to the file name help? or is it best to use vlc over anything else? i just can't seem to make it work, it is very frustrating
  5. so I created a startup folder in launchbox/video and put the video in it, and the screen goes dark and the audio plays but that's it. what am I doing wrong?
  6. I've been watching tutorials and videos on this for 20 minutes and it just refuses to work for me. what i've done is gone into launchbox/videos first i just put the video in the root file (per the first tutorial from 2019 i watched), that didn't work. then i watched another that told me to rename it starup.mp4, and that didn't work. Then I came here and read that you have to put it in the Startup folder.....but there is no startup folder in my launchbox, and when i created one....well.... it didn't work. I know i'm missing a step in there somewhere. I just have no idea where.
  7. Sometimes when I click around or flip windows, or drag on it the log in screen will populate (like 1 out of 20 attempts...And no, I'm not exaggerating), but I can't click on it or enter info. It's just static and the links don't respond to clicks
  8. Turned off all 3 firewalls, and I don't have any service running called nahimic. No change. Still a blank screen. I've done everything possible on my end. I'm lost
  9. I have tried reinstalling launch box, I have backed up and restored my system to factory to see if that's the cause, I even formatted and did a fresh windows install to make sure the glitch wasn't on my end. Literally nothing works, how can I fix this?
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