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  1. same error here only on certain platforms oddly … "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" The issue is even worse when I use symbolic links to the rom-path. I get very nervous when file handling access gets changed. I worry it will permanently prevent symbolic link access to a remote path and wont be fixed - making my remote game path broken. went back to 11.15 and all is working again correctly. Members 0 2 posts
  2. Hey Jason, I would agree There definitely seems to be room for improvement on the Android side now. I tend to agree that the android store is a mess and probably best to avoid. Well heck, the android file system and access in general is difficult to develop for such a wide range of devices and Google is prone to changing permission access and discontinuing things on a whim. I currently Use Launch Box/Big-box on PC hardware because quite honestly, the PC is where all the muscle and power is to best run these emulators and should remain the primary focus- my thoughts are simply this: I personally wouldn't want to see development sacrificed on the Windows platform side just to begin development again on the Android side unless more resources could be given where the windows DEV side wouldn't be impacted. I rarely use android much but I also feel it is *very* important to get Launch box/Big-Box coded on an ARM platform in general because ARM is a strong force going forward and may be necessary at some point as an alternate platform. I have ZERO interest of running launchbox on a phone or tablet....there are China made portable handheld devices dedicated for that such as the rg351- Windows 11 will run Android apps, so this also may impact your decision going forwards as well-. As a *secondary* emulation system to a PC, I would personally love to see Launch-box running on a low powered arm device with lots of storage capable of emulating everything the windows version could- Maybe windows 11 on arm will take off or NVIDIA will make ARM chips that can go into systems soon to help make this a reality - I would want launch-Box to follow a trend such as this and would be supporting it for sure if it did!!! A dedicated lauch-box LINUX/ARM distro could be awesome... ?
  3. @C-Beats - Thanks. I can confirm The "Launch With" issue is resolved for me as of the 11.10 Final release.
  4. Having Issue with betas 8 & 9... not able to use "launch with" and choose a retroarch core... games do not boot with any core when using "Launch with".. When using default core game boots properly, but with "launch with" the default core does not boot the game. I've been using "Launch with" for a long time without any problems before. Not sure if this is already a known issue or not , so just sharing. Note : the above issue only occurs with Bigbox - Launchbox not experiencing this issue.
  5. I Suddenly have an issue with 11.10 beta 8 where the Launch-Box instance wont close on exiting the application. the task just continues to run in the background preventing me from being able to relaunch the application, If I kill the task in task manager, it relaunches fine, but then the same issue returns again after I exit... cannot relaunch.. nothing changed in my setups and have been updating without issues prior... EDIT; Issue resolved. was not related to beta. there was an extra file copied by error into the data folder and it caused the application not to shutdown.
  6. Just tested beta 5, and yes indeed the above issues with check boxes and select/clear all seem to be fixed and working correctly now.? thanks Jason. @Jason By the way, to answer your above question, my testing was primarily done with beta 3 & 4 when the above behaviors had occurred. - Mazjohn- aka Mr. Arcade
  7. When tagging a launch-Box ID to a game, i am finding that I have to save first before downloading metadata. If I assign a launch-box ID and then try to download images (Metadata) without saving the game ID first, no images are found. Only happens in the past few betas, including Beta4. Happens equally across all platforms. Also, the uncheck all button does not work, and you have to click twice on a metadata object to make any changes to it - the first time to select it, and the second time to check or UN-check it.... many extra mouse clicks than before.... Ditto on the Clear image wheel caching problem...
    Hey there Mr. RetroLust… Mr. Arcade Here is really digging this theme now at v1.7. Finding the alternate views version to be crazy good with the right artwork. Thanks for this and keep it up!
  8. Just reporting back that since clearing up my core.net issues (unfortunate Fresh win10 install) described earlier in this post that Launch-box/BigBox is now much more responsive in startup and when loading large image collections with the 11.3 final release. Nice improvement in comparison to 11.2. Thanks. Please Keep up the good work.
  9. @Jason CarrReporting back: My Big-Box Theme and video corruption issue is now resolved . What was required to fix it, was for me to completely Re-install Windows 10. My best assumption to what caused this is that when I had Updated to Core.net it had exposed some sort of driver corruption conflict which was causing Big-Box Theme issues that for me were impossible to resolve. (Issues did not occur in Big-Box 11.2) So, the fix again was to perform a clean install of Windows 10 and add back all drivers. Since doing so, All of my Big-Box Themes and Menu's are now working as expected in Latest Beta (at time of this writing is 11.3 Beta 16). <Thanks>
  10. Nvidia card in use is Latest generation RTX card running at stock speed (no overclock). The PC is a dedicated Emulation build without any special software running on it. Launch-Box has been continuously updated on it over the last 4 years- Since around Launch-box V5 or 6. Windows and Steam games have no issues. The PC has older .net run-times installed dating back to .NET 2008 ... Wondering if i should I delete all previous instances of the .NET runtime? I assumes some older games might need them to run. As for the latest .NET core, I've UN-installed and rebooted, then re-installed a number of times. Guess I can Refresh the Windows install as a worst case scenario and report back if it had something to do with the OS side itself. Thanks anyways for the help.
  11. I updated previous post to include the plugins used inside each theme folder.... Windows 10 is up to date- Running latest Win 10 build 2004 which was the update from 1909. I removed the NVIDIA driver using the DDU tool in safe mode to ensure it was completely removed from the system, then re-installed the latest Nvidia driver. also made No difference.
  12. screenshots attached showing garbled text or missing text. occurs as you scroll through menu list. This happens on all 3 themes that I currently use which include unified, Unified Redux, and Unified Refried. Logs enabled and attached after booting into Big Box for a short time. Issue has nothing to do with "Launchbox" .... it happens in BigBox only. Game video glitching is hard to screen cap because it keeps resizing in and out very quickly. I wasnt aware themes had their own plugins such as as stated by @Neil9000 so i guess i will check that next. Thanks. * Update - My Themes folder includes the following plugins: 1- unified.hyperbox.dll (in unified and unified redux) 2- unified.hyperbox.dll +unbroken.launchbox.plugins.PrioritizedPathSelector.Dll + Helpercontrol.v4.dll+ Newtonsoft.json.dll Logs.zip
  13. I am also still experiencing the game videos re-sizing issue as well with Beta 15. In my previous description within this thread, I referred to it as video Glitches. Respectfully speaking, It honestly makes the front end UN useable for me at least in its current state. My scroll wheels are also experiencing artifacting, and the text inside my themes option menu keeps expanding , then de-spanding in size and the text garbles. Ive tried everything imaginable on my end to no avail. Only solution is to go back to 11.2 official release, then all the problems go away. @Jason Carr also asked if I was using any Plugins in a previous reply (thank you) .... to answer that, I am Not using any plugins. My plugins folder is empty. Does it come down to a fresh install of windows 10 for me? I really don't think it is the OS since reverting to Previous 11.1 and 11.2 builds work fine for me. Thanks-
  14. Since I posted this above, I have tried the following on 11.3 BETA 13: 1- Un-Installed and then Re-installed all instances of .NET Core / .NET Framework. ( Note: I let Launch-Box add .NET core back upon updating the system afterwards) 2- Used the DDU tool to completely remove the Nvidia graphics driver from the system, Then did clean Re-Install of latest Nvidia graphics Driver 3- Re- Installed Direct X runtime for Windows 10 4- Deleted all themes. Reinstalled fresh Copy of Unified Redux, Unified, and Unified Refried (theses are my current 3 primary themes) 5- Went back to using default Startup theme 6- Swapped fresh copy of LBthemes folder, and Core folders from a different installation. 7- Switched From using VLC engine to alternate MS engine... no difference. The problems still persist. When I go back to using the V11.2 official release the issues are gone. It's obvious to me this only occurs when I upgrade to any 11.3 Beta XX Again, the problem is stuttering, glitching system videos, Glitching themes, and the system wheels are glitching and changing size randomly. I have tested 2 separate Launchbox instances, but have the exact same problem on both.... IS there anyone else having this issue? Anything else I can try? Are still these common issues that still need to be ironed out since Launch-box switched to the .NET Core update? Thanks.
  15. Just constructive feedback... multiple themes are still glitching on beta 13, videos are sometimes missing, glitch and freeze, and big box keeps suddenly shutting down randomly. Going back to 11.2 official now seems to strangely have stability issues as well.... Not sure what to do next... Oh well... If an official release is coming, looks like based on my experiences with beta 13 'm out of luck. 2 separate independent builds on separate pc's both have same issues.
  16. Thanks, double checked and did do that. Rebooted then re-installed launchbox update to 11.3 beta 2, and it worked.... However this beta seems to be causing artifacts and video glitches on all of my themes. Launchbox would also completely lock-up when trying to launch Cemu. For the first time in a long time I had to roll back....went down to 11.2 stable for now. Problems gone after rollback.
  17. Since I updating to 11.3 beta 1 I can no longer start launchbox. I already installed the .NET core 3.1 which was told to be missing. I rebooted and sill get this error that i need to install .net core to use the application. When i re-run .net core install it tells me its already installed. Am i doing something wrong guys? thanks
  18. As I had stated in an earlier post, I supported development by purchasing the android version even though I never used it. This being said, building off of what Pixelpiper said above, Has there been any community poll taken to vote on consideration to revisit/ develop a Linux desktop port of Launch box as an alternative (better second option) to windows? Unlike android, Linux is obviously open source and like windows, would also provide the developer total control over the platform. I would think that many emulators would be supported including Retro-Arch which already has cores for most systems. Linux is lean and mean and would be quite a stable platform as an alternative to Windows for many. I am even seeing Linux run many Windows Steam games these days.... Maybe I am in the great minority, but I would purchase a Linux version.
  19. Thanks For this update Jason..... While the majority of your install base are currently Exclusively using Launch-box/Big-box on the windows platform and I do prefer/ agree development should be the primary focus here, I did purchase an android copy just to help support its development efforts. This being said, the Android announcement did get me thinking. My concerns for Launch-box longevity are more focused around the worry that in 5-10 years, ARM may takeover.... We might need a migration path or plan if this does ever occur... Launch-box has become a platform in itself for those who love and *rely* on emulation/gaming. These builds and all the hard work put into them can technically run for years and provide steady access to these gaming platforms, as long as the HOST OS platform and emulators are updated and supported.... yea... we cant predict the future and Windows likely isn't going anywhere for a long time..... but ARM might change things... hopefully if so there will be a migration path if needed to support whatever the future brings so that our beloved Launch-box builds can stay up to date.... \\
  20. I'm suddenly having this same problem in launch box where the fonts became super small and almost impossible to read... doesn't seem to be a way to fix this- what i did temporarily was lower the windows default resolution from 4k back to 1080P .... its better but the fonts are still UN-proportionally small. I'm wondering what changed... I did upgrade to Widows 10 build 1903 recently... could this have anything to do with this? Anyone else have this problem? any ideas to fix this?
  21. @jason-carr/, I know this is probably off topic, but regarding a next feature poll, I am wondering if there is the possibility for revisiting a global setting for default system bezels by platform... now that we have pause screens, startup and shutdown screen overlays on top of the emulators, would this now be more feasible for consideration to implement? Thanks for consideration...
  22. I'm sorry to hear this to be the case. If I recall, Jays Arcade helped the community some time back with a Loader for Future Pinball. I personally had hoped for the most streamlined way possible to import (assuming they are free to use) .VPX (Visual Pinball) and .FPT (Future Pinball) files... I guess maybe there just isn't much more needed to do here that cant be accomplished already.
  23. Thank you Jason, Will go with minimal script for the time being...
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