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  1. This theme is great! I modified some of the files for a 4x3 display. Theme is attached to this post. I also changed the Play mode icons to Arcade style. GCFE-4x3.zip
  2. @Jason Carr any chance we could possibly get a "No Results Found" dialog box if nothing comes up from a search in BigBox? Sometimes I find myself just waiting, thinking it is loading only to realize it never found anything....d'oh!
  3. Yes I am using RocketLauncher....interesting.
  4. Background game videos are still not playing after returning from a game. This bug has been going on for awhile and is a small annoyance.
  5. @Jason Carr it appears with this beta and the last beta the platform wheel images/logos on the main screen don't load until you press up or down to change them. It is a little hard to explain, but it happens on all themes that has the vertical platform wheel, included the default theme.
  6. @Jason Carr no worries, it was just a small annoyance that always bugged me to see lol. I appreciate the quick fix on it!
  7. @Jason Carr this is a 16x9 display. The Screen grab is just a portion to show the magnifying glass icon being cut off in the upper left hand corner in the Games List View.
  8. @Jason Carr is there a possibility of getting the search magnifying glass fixed before 7.0? This has been an issue ever since the sort alphabet option has been introduced. I tiny annoyance that is hopefully an easy fix. It happens on all themes including the default.
  9. I used to have this same problem and for me the fix was to move my launch box install with all the media to an SSD and keep all the games/roms on a traditional mechanical drive. It is pretty easy to do this without any changes using symlinks or you can do a xml edits. The experience became night and date different.
  10. @Jason Carr are we going to possibly get a new beta with the new features added in the live stream from Monday and today soon? My LaunchBox Beta itch needs to be scratched!
  11. Any way to add Naomi CHDs into LaunchBox? The Import tool seems to ignore them. Hopefully this isn't a thread hijack. If it is, let me know and i'll start a new one!
  12. I seem to be having an issue with trying to download the latest beta. It prompts for an update but then says remote server returned an error with an error 500. My connection checks out and my DNS is resolving correctly. Not sure what the deal is
  13. There is a thread in the Module section of the RocketLauncher forums that covers RetroArch, I recommend taking a look there.
  14. Scrape As functionality does help this situation a lot, however if you want to update the Metadata, it will overwrite the platform associated with it and change it back to the way LaunchBox GamesDB names it. Jason, any update on when we will be able to update the Metadata without overwriting the platform?
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