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  1. So, the windows importer requires an executable in order to import it into launchbox does it not? so this wouldn't work for games that I have yet to download on my system but are on my epic library
  2. Any way we can get an import for the epic games store similar to the Steam import feature? Games that I currently own in my Epic Games store but have yet to download? Would be nice to be able to see all my options for playing from my launchbox including these games that I have yet to download. Thanks!
  3. I have started trying to emulate with my PS4 controller using DS4Windows, I am currently using Project64 to emulate my Nintendo64 games. I have run into a problem where in DS4Windows when I try to map my controllers options button to the Start button on the Xbox controller, it maps it to both the start button as well as the escape key. This causes the emulator to close everytime I press the options button when I really just wanna bring up the menu. Is there a way for me to solve this? Is it supposed to be mapping the options button to the escape key? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Having trouble with my c button controls in Majoras Mask. Cant seem to be able to use the c buttons to navigate the items screen in the start menu. Usually the C buttons are used to navigate this screen but it is not working for me. I have seen this issue a lot on the internet but nothing specific enough for me to pull a solution from. I have attached screen shots of my control configs.
  5. Trying to import Fortnite Battle Royale into Launchbox. Can't seem to do it. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.
  6. @Jason Carr You're a blessing
  7. For some reason when I am trying to import my steam games I am getting stuck on the "Please wait while parsing your steam account..." Some additional information this only happens when I am importing steam games. Windows and roms are fine. However I noticed that when I import windows games and it also has the "parsing files" window it has a loading wheel on my mouse when i hover over it. However, this does not happen when I am stuck on the same parsing window for steam. So is it not even running a process? Please let me know what I can do I really do enjoy this interface.
  8. For some reason Im stuck at the screen that says please wait while parsing your steam account. How can I fix this? Its been there for about 15 minutes.
  9. Just downloaded Tales of Symphonia for Dolphin and apparently the m3u method does not work for Gamecube? I looked at some other posts and found that people are using the additional apps method. However, whenever I go to add the second disc as an additional app the .iso files do not show up. Is there a way to do this?
  10. Thanks dude you're awesome !!! Can't believe I missed that! It's fixed !
  11. Dang dude...thanks didn't expect the same guy to reply twice. You're killing the game for me. I'll definitely try that and get back to you with the results.
  12. How do I get multi disc games (such as Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy etc.) to work in RetroArch and how does this affect Launchbox?
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