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  1. @BigBadJuss are you referring to this screen? the boxes are white with black check marks under the default view, I'm not sure that the color theme is your issue if you can't see these.
  2. Oh man, I'm with you 100% on this one. I love LB as it can be used for an all around front end that controls my media and entertainment as well as my personal game museum, but I've had to make a trade off due to some of the aesthetics and this one drives me insane! I'll throw a vote toward it and hold my breath
  3. There is not an "official" addon that is endorsed by Unbroken Software that I am aware of. The software I linked is user created and shared on this forum. It seems to be based upon the Steam launcher addon for Kodi and is written in Python. I can't tell you which addon you installed though. If that is the addon you are using, I would suggest clicking the support button on that link and asking the contributor if he/she can assist you.
  4. Yep agreed. I can say that I had automation working for exit a few versions back or so. While my LB doesn't crash or freeze, it definitely stopped working in terms of full automation. I just had that workaround available to me already and figured I'd share. I'm seeing a whole hell of a lot of these posts and can't track them to see if they are related or if we have actually identified an issue that is being tracked now or what. But to be fair, I generally am not browsing bitbucket etc. I'm just kind of trolling around in support and noob trying to help where I can lol.
  5. Admittedly, I had to read your issue twice and I misconstrued all of the details. Working around UAC for a specific application is fairly easy using task scheduler and a custom link. However, so that i understand, since you are using Kodi it will only accept an executable when setting the path? Also, is this the addon you are referring to?
  6. I've been seeing similar issues pop up a fair bit lately. My solution is not ideal for some, but I'll post my response to a user the other day with similar issues. I myself have not had any crashing in LB with automation, but even after a new build, automation only works for volume control etc. but exiting programs is not working. I had already spent the 3 dollars on controller companion before this issue (I use it to browse my nintendo power magazines using LB) so I just mapped escape using that and it's a non issue now. Otherwise, I'd browse the other threads and see if a resolution was found or wait for the ticket. Edit: I'm not sure if the LB automation is using AHK or not to be honest, but I would assume that you could save the 3 dollars and go that route but I don't do anything with my controller and AHK directly.
  7. @dmn1981 Which version of Windows are you using sir?
  8. I'm using the TDC13 it's a beautiful project and Hargle and team are actually celebrating 10 years of work on the Total Dos Collection Project, that's some commitment right there!
  9. @Clutz450 I'd suggest scheduling your updates moving forward. I have mine setup to only complete updates etc. during hours in where I'm not likely to be on the machine. Especially if you are using Windows 10, once it decides it's going to update and reboot, there is no stopping it's madness.
  10. @Gangor SentaiBrad and crew have a TON of tutorials on their youtube channel, specifically for setting up emulators etc. with Launchbox. I'd start there, and if you hit a snag, refer to the video you were using and post back on this thread and we can help you out if needed. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIht6UXIEXIgz4eXAEShxA
  11. So it seems as if Retropie is having issues with a trademark troll. They have posted some detail on their site and there was a post on /r/emulation at Reddit. One of the Mame folks jumped in and apparently they have had this issue as well, and just this year resolved it. It's a costly process no matter how you spin it. I hope Launchbox is sorted, because these people also seem to have Emulation Station in their portfolio. More detail in the Reddit post. https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/5vzqh0/retropie_is_looking_for_some_legal_help/ https://retropie.org.uk/2017/02/legal-help-needed/
  12. @DOS76 it's a figure of speech. Allow me reiterate in a less offensive way. If you were to compare the performance of his integrated HD chipset to his own Nvidia card, or for likely any card in the past 5 years, it would be totally and utterly destroyed in all aspects. The card works great for low gpu usage emulation that rely more on CPU, but the moment he were to put a game that were even remotely modern, he will be sorely disappointed. To give you a comparison here is one of the newer Intel Iris HD gens compared to his Nvidia chipset. I don't even believe that he has that particular Intel chipset in his machine so to even at a best case scenario for Intel, his Nvidia card would eat it for lunch. The Intel cards are not meant to compete with dedicated GPU so I doubt my previous statement offended Intel. Those Intel chips are to save energy and allow the Intel card to run when you are just browsing etc. They are great for a low cost solution to someone not looking for high end gaming who doesn't need CUDA or Phsyx etc. So as a solution to this problem, it's not a solution at all and we can agree it seems on that much at least. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-970M-vs-Intel-Iris-Pro-HD-6100-Mobile/m17319vsm25925
  13. @Clutz450 I won't lie, I doubted your issue but this is a thing. There is a very informative and pissed off thread that has been running for a long time that I've linked below. In a nutshell, here is what I can ascertain. A. This seems to affect certain mobile chipsets and is predominantly affecting older games (Counter Strike, HL2, Day of Defeat were all named essentially, if the game is DX9 and even 10 t's likely to happen) B. There are a lot of clever people in that thread that have developed workarounds and one has even built some sotware and has a Github that eliminates the issue C. This issue has been around since 2011 https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/903422/geforce-mobile-gpus/diagonal-screen-tearing-issues-on-gtx-860m-870m-960m-965m-970m-980m-/25/ Personally, Id likely keep my machine and run it to HDMI to an external monitor anyway so it would not be a big deal. For you though, take it back if you want to and get a chipset that's higher than the 980m perhaps. At either rate, read through that thread and lets see what options you have.
  14. It's not a good workaround, that internal card is shit. With that being said, you are correct, if there is an issue with the nvidia card, I wouldn't want it. I just have never heard of any major issues with them and have never experienced them myself. Can you share a thread in where this is being discussed by another user? I'd like to research it a bit. I'm nursing a mild hangover this morning so I'm not quite up to speed.
  15. Go to your Nvidia Control Panel and under 3d application settings, enable vsync. Let me know if it happens again.
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