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  1. 1 hour ago, mcfilmmakers said:

    The same is true for images. If two games have the same title, they'll both share the same image matching the game title. However, if I rename one of the two game titles, the image file is also renamed. 

    two games are called Launchbox Game and both use Launchbox Game.png. I rename one of the two games to Big Box Game. 

    I should therefore have two games: Big Box Game and Launchbox Game and one image: Launchbox Game.png
    Instead, I have two games: Big Box game and Launchbox Game and one image: Big Box Game.png

    This is wrong because the image contains the logo for Launchbox game, not Big Box Game and therefore should not rename when i rename one of the two games. This did not happen under 10.15

    HOWEVER, if I only have one game called Launchbox Game and it uses Launchbox Game.png, when I rename the game to Big Box Game I would expect the associated image to be renamed because there is no question as to which game it is associated with.

    this is so long an issue I am fighting with in LB/BB. and one of the points I want so much a rework of the Metadata and Database Handling in LB/BB plus userbility of GUI but unfortunately this might be very low on the list. maybe in version 20 or so.

  2. hi, no it is not possible. but you can show all games in your Launchbox with missing artwork / videos.


    Option is in the upper left corner where most of us has Platforms choose. there is in the pulldown menu the option "missing artwork" or so (write it from memory have launchbox not in front of em) 

  3. I am "only" using Launchbox to have all my paid PC games in one launcher with more style like Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store and so one.

    you can also google for home-brew games for the specific platforms. that us bit illegal. but be aware that some homebrew console games are not allowed to play with an emulator because it needs an dumb of the bios. and if you cannot get an dumb of your bios from your own console it might be illegal - related to the region you are living.

    btw: in some regions it is also illegal to make an own copy of a game if you bypass a copy protection 

  4. 16 minutes ago, drseussicide said:

    you can also just us "SKraperUI" out of the box to get videos just make sure it doesn't save a gamelist as it's not update frequently and "corrupts" the gamelists. 


    i genrally use launchbox for everything but videos and the come through with skraper and get the videos

    thank you. this is awesome and exactly what I expected for the Launchbox Games Database. 

  5. 33 minutes ago, Jason Carr said:

    Just a quick note on this, the changes were made because we were landlocked, and couldn't really add anything new. We can't just keep making that screen bigger and bigger because then the full window wouldn't be visible on 720p displays (which are common on things like handheld devices, and when using high DPIs on TVs), so that really isn't an option. It really isn't much different this way, because all we did was move the tabs to new pages (and separated out the images). Unfortunately those changes are required and are not up for discussion.

    is there a chance to get two or three different types of Game Detail Edit Screens? depending on the DPI and resolution settings to make advance of higher resolution on a working screen? I am usually setting things up on a 4K screen with 100% DPI - and I like having most of the things on one screen at once. it is just an idea.

  6. Hi, it depend on system and sometimes the region that no or not full artwork is available.

    Sometimes you need more than one download iterations. Sometimes nonartwork is available in the gamesdb so few of us are also using emumovies as source for artwork.

    can you name the system you tried and what kind of artwork are you missing?

  7. It looks like that Media Management and Edit Interface / Masterdata will be the main focus on this update and I am happy to see that welcomed additions.. maybe later a better way how to choose different versions of the same game in the detail screen with an intime chance of the artwork related to the region of the game :)

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  8. 4 hours ago, C-Beats said:

    You would need to make your own Badge Plugin to create your own badge. Badge interface is pretty simple but you would need at least entry level C# knowledge/skills to do create one.

    would be cool. to make that simple for the common users as well.

  9. On 6/2/2020 at 8:55 AM, kurzih said:

    The answer is in the rules:

    Untitled-1.thumb.png.65ed10945f4f5319f93f83ebd37d3354.png"The release date should be the first date the game was released on." And since the NES platform in the LB database includes Famicom games as well ("same console", different region), the date is correct.
    I can only think of having "Alt release date + region" as a new option to change that.

    JP: July 15, 1983
    NA: June 1986
    EU: October 15, 1986

    that would be great. in general there are so many yet unused opportunity with the Games DB and Launchbox incl. media management etc.

  10. depends on the emulator. /system. for me I no longer use rocket launcher anymore.

    as Mr. Laor mentioned, most ist Retroarch and it has bezels as well. and newer systems are easier to set it up directly in LB/BB - they also don't need Bezels because most of the games already have 16:9 screenratios.

  11. 48 minutes ago, korallenkaiser said:

    I just downloaded the package and copied over a fresh installation of launch box. It looks like the images of the games were not detected. I did an installation to drive E:, do you have stome hardcoded drive mappings? Or do I have to start an import process?

    you have to set up the path for the roms in launchbox and probably the path of the images to get all images in Launchbox available.

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  12. 12 hours ago, Mcfly 2019 said:

    Oh - I'm now at 403,551 games on 238 systems and around... 300 or so playlists. I know ;)

    how is the speed of launchbox? I am struggling with only 25 thousand games and probably 100 Systems. also thinking how do I want to manage the Arcade Section. I am unsure if I want to have one big arcade system or divided it by every arcade machine - at least for the Sega, namco etc arcade systems. on the other hand I am fearing the amount of work for the split and getting all the images and videos for the systems.

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