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  1. 😱 Archievment View looks good. and yeah: great to see I am on position 1.564 in the global Leaderboard
  2. at least I have no video in the games detail screen in Launchbox AND under missing video filter the game is showing up
  3. is it possible to automate this tool with the sometime available YouTube link from the gamesDB master data?
  4. I have the same issue without any message for not working downloading the videos for my steam games.
  5. @Jason Carr maybe we can push to him some love to work on GamesDB functionalities
  6. will there be also a will there also be a missing manuals and missing videos features next to the images?
  7. sounds great but annoying that it not fits the naming scheme of Launchbox at all. will you also upload this to the GamesDB?
  8. ach clear. thank you. unlucky place for that and that's why I never expected that on that place
  9. in the German Translation I cannot find nothing under "Ansicht".
  10. how can I use this filter or where is this filter available? I have the newest beta installed but I cannot find anything like that in my German translation yet
  11. instead of a full retroarch setup I misuse the core splitter and have 3 or 4 of the same core with small different naming. so I can use a PICO for SMS etc. very helpful for me for Mesen Famicom Disk and Mesen Famicom + NES
  12. Amiga is one of the few systems I do not like to import and configure in my Launchbox so far
  13. @Jason Carr is an importer system like the Import Tool for MAME something interesting for Launchbox as well?
  14. I would be more than happy if the GamesDB Structure and fields get an fresh update on some parts like this to make it more flexibel for other regions outside US.
  15. not even realised anything between 10.1 to 10.4
  16. Filtering by file type? As an option during import process? Maybe as an option and if flag is setup a new screen will popup. After you entered ...“eBoot.bin“ or so, yadayadayada
  17. Makes it not better 😉 and from the marketing perspective you shouldn’t call this release version 10 because of lacking new killer features for a new version. It is more a bug fixing version. Android cannot be your argument for this windows release/
  18. it is the way how you can upload or enter things into the Launchbox Database at this moment. I was happy with the plug in so I was able to upload it directly from launchbox, but even then game by game was so annoying that I canceled it after thousands of entries
  19. can you chance the title? from 9.11 to 10?
  20. 850 Disc images into the database is a lot of work based on The Workflow Design. Horrible work. @SomeGeezergreat work
  21. Sounds interesting but I assume we should focus on user friendly ways.
  22. this is generally the show off on launchbox. things getting more and more complicated and the easy way to do it is no longer feasible. I have the feeling of going the way of rocket launcher, which is no longer easy to handle as well. how many people are really able to build fade ins, bezels etc nowadays for launchbox. even themes are way easier to build in hyper spin at all. sure the themes in launchbox have tons of possibility but to achieve this .... takes to long.
  23. thank you. this was overlook by me. thank you
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