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  1. For speed of transitions, I found good example and made video. It's fast and simple! Look how red color part pushes main screen to the right. (Just as video in center move to right) It'd be great if there's option for normal or fast transition maybe? I wish I knew how to code... Hope this helps, Viking. IMG_1656_1.mp4
  2. I'm patiently waiting for 1. NEC PC-Engine 2. NEC PC-Engine DUO 3. SEGA Genesis 4. Fujitsu FM Towns 5. Sharp MSX 1 6. Sharp MSX 2 7. Sharp MSX Turbo R 8. NEC PC-8801 9. NEC PC-9801 10. Sharp X68000 This will complete my collection from Nostalgia videos to Colorful 4K.
  3. Hi Viking, Thank you for making another great selection of videos. I'm also big fan of your Big Couch theme. Do you have any plan to update Big Couch theme to match beautiful colors of 4k videos? That'd be perfect Big Box theme ever created.
  4. @Klopjero I also requested this feature about 4-5 months ago. Plus, keyboard shortcut after click(highlighted) on image instead of popup. Basic keyboard shortcuts such as DELETE (to delete the image), CTRL+C & V (copy&paste image). Lastly, direct drag & drop support of web image (from web page to game image box).
  5. @bundangdon i was, too. I did quick work around by selecting "Platform" instead "platform category" and quit. Then, I reopened, changed to platform category and opened all trees. I think this is some kind of cache bug,
  6. Since this beta is mainly focusing on category trees, I'd like to suggest 2 things: 1. Bigger font for parent category + slight space to right for child category (slight push will help and too much would waste space considering other child categories) Please see attached for comparison. 2. Remembering ALL opened trees. (Currently, when you quit Lauchbox, it resets and closes all other trees except selected category group) I apologize if this is request but I really thought it could help many other users and be relevant to current goal for version 8.8. Thank you for a
  7. Hi Grlia, Firstable, I wanted to thank you for having me enjoy simple and minimal interface of switch. I love the sound fx and all. Since you have power to implement the simplicity of switch interface, I was wondering if you are willing to new switch online (virtual console) version as well. It'd be so amazing if we could be seeing this on Big Box.
  8. This feature is still needed so that I know which games I completed or add to favorite. I still want this overlay feature to be kept in mind for future update.
  9. I still want PC-8801. I do have PC-9801 though...
  10. I also have requested couple of list on Lordmonkus' "little things". 1. Windows shortcut files - Thank you so much for this feature. I'm 100% satisfied without any issues. So much convenient! 2. Image Download from Wikipedia ID- Some works but some are still not. 3. drag & drop image straight from Web Browser - This is very useful feature for rare rom's images not in database. So after googling, we can drag&drop to image editor directly. 4. IMAGE EDIT*** - Personally, this is the high priority feature that should be implemented. a. 1 Click Left mouse - High
  11. Hello, I've recently became forever license user so I wanted to share some personal wishlist to be implemented soon. 1. When you add roms for Windows PC, there should be option to choose NOTHING so that PC game will run by itself. For now, I'd have to choose any emulator and then, after rom has been added, I go back to Bulk Edit Wizard and select No value for Emulator. (Please see PICTURE) 2. I often need to use Wikipedia ID since Lauchbox Database is not updated fast enough. I read from other thread that image for Wikipedia is broken but can't this be implemented even just
  12. Maybe, the feature like Switch? LaunchBox official Arcade kit? or VR/AR version? hmmm
  13. I think PC-Engine Duo is fine because it plays both PC-Engine CD-ROM² & PC-Engine Super CD-ROM². This one won't play any Super CD-ROM². Duo is exactly same as PC-Engine CD with more feature and compatibility, FYI.
  14. Viking, thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful work! These collections are reminiscent of my childhood and I really appreciate your contribution. I have a one question. I'm running Bigbox on 1080P TV and I want it to stretch proportionally with same ratio (please see attached file). You will see black part on left and right side. This is much better than full stretch because it will make console CRT monitors look .ugly. Do you know which xaml file I should edit in theme folder?
  15. How about this one?
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