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  1. Maybe I am missing it, but how do you get the hyperspin game themes to show up. I have a full emu movies account and when I do my game imports only a few of the arcade games bring in the hyperspin style game themes (ie 1942, 1943). I can't seem to get an console based ones to show up besides the regular movies. This theme with all the user created videos is amazing. Great work.
  2. On the big screen view I can't get it to view in the tv box. it loads in the BG.
  3. I would use this on my upgright cabinet it if were widescreen :-)
  4. I am having an issue upon updates that make the game images disappear. For example I updated to 6.8 (newest beta) and when I do some of my systems stop showing images. I look at the paths and they are correct and the files still exist in the folder structure. Is this a known bug?
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